Banished Ventures


Game Expansions

The North – A new theme in Nordic style with special environment, gameplay, buildings and resources.

Citizen Mods

Norseman  – Realtime aging with Nordic people.
Ironman  – Realtime aging with extra hard conditions for a special challenge.

Separated Buildings

Izba – A traditional Russian house
Chicken Coop – A specialized pasture to breed chickens.
Nordic Log Cabin – Old Norwegian cabins including storage buildings.
Red Cottage – Original Swedish cottages including barns and a village shop.
Charcoal Burner – To produce charcoal from firewood.
Tjurko Mill – An original Swedish water mill separated from the North.
Fly Fishing – A tool to go fishing for trout in vanilla or colonial waters.
Smoking Shed – A small workplace for a fisherman to preserve fish.
Campfire – A place for your hunters to roast venison.
Hunting and Gathering – Tools for active hunting and gathering wild fruits


North Icon – For your own desktop link to start a Nordic game.