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Norseman (Mod)

Tough people from the North. A real time mod for your Nordic adventure or wherever you want. Norseman have a racial bonus on strength and cold resistance which makes them a good choice for hard conditions.

Citizen Properties:

– Aging in real time (one year is one year)
– Student or worker with 10 years
– Marriages with 16+
– Childbearing from 16 to 40 years
– Max age about 70 years
– Required food / year: 100
– Capacity of laborers: 120
– Cold resistance: + 20%


Norseman.pkm (7 KB) – last updated: December 26, 2017

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2 comments on “Norseman (Mod)”

 Tom Sawyer

You can only use one of these citizen mods. They overwrite each other. I made Norseman as add-on to the North for realistic aging with normal difficulty. The proper time mod has a reasonable setting as well and was my recommendation before.


How does this compare to Proper Time for realistic aging (by Kid/Nomad). I know you created the Norseman mod, but you recommend Proper Time. Can they be used in conjunction of one another? In what order should they be installed?


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