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A Home For The Herbalist

August 26, 2017

After finishing the blacksmith I want to start a new herbalist. It follows my roadmap to complete the Nordic set. It should fit in the style of old log cabins and I thought about herbalist mechanic. I’m not really happy with the way it works in vanilla game but still not sure how I will change it and if it would work by modding. I only know one thing.. My herbalists want to live in their cabin out in the forest or near the village. That means to create a combined object consisting of a home and a workplace.

The original house I want to use for my model is a log cabin from Norway. I like it because it’s a bit different with gable-end onto street and with a few suitable details it can be recognized as something unique besides other log cabins.

I made a couple of sketches including building stages and details. The cabin will take place on 4 x 5 game tiles for the home (like a normal log cabin) and 1 x 5 tiles right to it for the workplace. Tomorrow I will make textures and take a look at it in game.

Textures are done as well as game functions for home and workplace. So it looks in game for now. People walk into the house to visit the herbalist and maybe I should create a variant with an open door.

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@Tom Sawyer Nice building, I not testing him in the game but will not he die in the green forest? Will not be visible? unless we put him in the clearing? about the door will they open? I have no opinion – maybe then it will resemble an open shop? Cheers!


I like your mod(s) and the herbalist is something I already missed. Keep it up!

One suggestion if I may, please create a variant without a grass roof. This would help creating a more varied looking village.

One more thing, I would like grass roofs that look more like the one in the photograph. Just in case, I could offer you help with the texture.



    I forgot to ask, when will the new buildings (Herbalist and Blacksmith) be available for download? :)

     Tom Sawyer

    Welcome and thank you for your support! The new buildings will be part of version 6 of the north mod. I want to make 2 or 3 more buildings and then release it.

    These grass roofs are rather challenging and can be improved or supplemented by more variants. I can send you an email with my texture if you want to look at it or to help. :)


    You are welcome.
    And yes please send me the texture and I’ll see what I can do with it.


You have the most beautiful mods of any mods. I love how consistent the theme is. Will all your buildings have the same f key variants as the nordic houses? I really like the brown roofs of the houses.

     Tom Sawyer

    For the herbalist probably not because who else should have a grass roof.^^ But I’m a bit tired of this texture and would like to add more wooden roofing.


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