Banished Ventures


Game Expansions

NorthThe North 6
A complete game expansion in Nordic style with special environment, buildings and resources.
Focus is on realism and survival.

Citizen Mods

Tough people from the North. Realtime aging for your Nordic adventure.
With a racial bonus on strength and cold-resistance.
Real time aging with hard conditions for a special challenge.
Creates a balanced Nordic adventure for experienced players.

Separated Buildings

Izba – A traditional Russian house
Chicken Coop – A specialized pasture to breed chickens.
Red Cottage – Original Swedish cottages including barns and a village shop.
Charcoal Burner – To produce charcoal from firewood.
Tjurko Mill – An original Swedish water mill separated from the North.
Fly Fishing – A tool to go fishing for trout in vanilla or colonial waters.
Smoking Shed – A small workplace for a fisherman to preserve fish.
Campfire – A place for your hunters to roast venison.
Hunting and Gathering – Tools for active hunting and gathering wild fruits


North Icon – For your own desktop link to start a Nordic game.