Banished Ventures

Hunter Tools

23. Juni 2018

I just updated some helpful tools for your banished hunters and gatherers. They are separated from the North expansion to use in other scenarios like Colonial Charter or to tweak a vanilla game. Pick the tools you need for your adventure. All buttons occur in the removal toolbar.

HuntingHunting.pkm (0.03 MB)
Adds a tool for active hunting deer and other wild animals.

GatheringGathering.pkm (0.01 MB)
Buttons for active gathering wild fruits and herbs.

Fly FishingFlyFishing.pkm (0.4 MB)
A small spot at a river or lake to go fishing for trout.

CampfireCampfire.pkm (0.5 MB)
A campfire for your hunters to roast some venison.

Chopping BlockChoppingBlock.pkm (0.1 MB)
And a simple workplace to make firewood.

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