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Oven House In Progress

August 29, 2017

Not on my roadmap but a request by players: The opportunity to bake bread in a Nordic village. Bread is already part of this expansion but only available by trading or by loading another bakery mod. I know common ovens of old villages in my home region and I’m not sure if this was also typical in Nordic countries but even if not historically accurate, I would like to have it in this scenario. Searching for pictures of such old bread ovens I found this picture and look at these trees and typical fences in the background. I’m pretty sure it shows an oven from a Scandinavian region. I want to build this. It will fit nicely in a banished village or farmstead with old log cabins.

A first sketch. It can take place on 3 x 3 game tiles with a baker in front. Question is if it should be built from bricks like in this picture or from natural stone to be available in early game.

Textured and ready to bake:

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LOL! OK! Great! Thanks! :-)


I just ran The North 6 and it looks like this oven does need bricks to build, which means I have to build a brickworks, which means I have to build a dock to get bricks and tiles, and I think I’ll have to build a glassworks too.

Phew!!!! I guess the Bannies will have to wait a while to get bread. LOL!

     Tom Sawyer

    No Hawk, they only have to wait for your download of the current North. It is already changed. :)


Hi Tom,

Not sure how old this topic is. I just registered at your site.

But I thought I’d post a comment to a question you asked.

“Question is if it should be built from bricks like in this picture or from natural stone to be available in early game.”

Personally, it looks to me as if the picture shows natural stone and not man-made brick, and since stone is available at the start of a map it would make it easier to build the oven.
However, it would also be nice to be able to build an oven later in the game with man-made brick, as I think it would look better than the default stone.

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi Hawk,

    thanks for your thought to this item. I tend to define natural stone instead of bricks for this oven to make it suitable for old villages. I actually see no reason to restrict it to a later stage of the game.


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