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Bug in Seafarer with Peat-Cutting fields and “Remove” button

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    I had a strange surprise in the seafarer map with my peat cutting fields – when the builder has opened them for the peat cutter and there were some fields ready to transport the fuels to the storage pile.

    When I wanted to remove the last (too many..) waiting commands to collect firewood and wild fruits and herbs and trees and stones from the surroundings to free the laberor and I was opening the partial windows over the map to remove them with the Remove” button ( the last in the menu) I had – by chance – also removed the waiting peat-cutting fields in all state ( after the builder , the peat cutter and waiting for the transport…
    Not all, there were some rest with the fuels to overcome the winter ( the firewood was needed by the Tar Kiln ) but it was a little shock for me.

    On the other side – this could be a standard behavior after the builder has marked and finished the single peat/Bog land fields.?

    Seems to be a bug?
    I cannot test it with vanilla original – there is no Bog land there.

    Tom Sawyer

    I’m not sure if I understand your case correctly but the “cancel removal” button (the last in that toolbar) has no effect on peat cutting. Maybe you misclicked and used the “remove structures” button. This one indeed removes peat cutting spots.

    If you remove it before the laborer chipped away the sod, then nothing happens. But after the spot was opened, you should not remove it before the peatcutter finished it. Because then the spot is gone without yield and can’t be placed again. Maybe this happened.


    Sorry, You are correct!

    I made a short test with my seafarer map and had exact the effect you has described with the buttons.

    That means I have to be careful with the remove structures ( “Gebäude abreißen”) with the bog land – all Peat-fields are removed and only the result of the peat-cutter is left lying for transport.
    I had attached the screenshots before and after the commands.
    The “Cancel remove” (“Entfernen rückgängig machen”) has on the bogland no effect.

    Sorry for this notice on the forum for such “normal” behavior.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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