Banished Ventures

The Mods

On this page you find all mods for the city-building and survival game Banished, made around the North project. To install mods manually from this site, move the unzipped pkm files to your windata folder and activate them in your mod list. If you play the game on Steam, you find this folder in Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished\WinData. Otherwise in Program Files\Shining Rock Software\Banished\WinData.

Banished Adventures

North7 NORTH 7
The brand new version for banished Vikings.
North NORTH 6.2
Thematic overhaul mod in Nordic style. Focus is on realism and survival.


North DE Deutsche Übersetzung – North 7
German translation of the latest North.
North DE Deutsche Übersetzung – North 6.2
German translation of the old North.
North French Traduction Française – North 6.2
French translation of the old North by Tsar Lyagushka.
North RU Русский перевод – North 6.2
Russian translation of the old North by Lucy Bextor.

Citizen Mods

Tough people from the North aging in real time, included in North 7.
Real time aging under hard conditions for a special challenge.

Tweaking Mods

New Crops New Crops (0.01 MB)
Crops from the New World (potatoes, corn, pumpkin) to expand farming in North 6.
New Crops No Smoke (0.08 MB)
Removes particle effects from Nordic buildings for better game performance.
North Grid North Grid (Texture Mod)
Shows a grid of game tiles on Nordic terrain for proper town planning.

Preview Mods

New stuff to build! Finished models available for playing and testing in the current North version or in another scenario.

turf house Turf House
Turf Houses from Iceland to survive where wood is rare.
loft-storehouse Loft-Storehouse
New storehouse with passageway and lots of space for clothes and tools.
Smokehouse Smokehouse
The new workplace to smoke all the meat and fish of your town.
windmill Small Windmill (3.0 MB)
A small windmill to build on a hill and to make flour from grain.
granary Nordic Granary (1.0 MB)
The new granary to store grain and to support your mills.
tailor Nordic Tailor Shop (2.2 MB)
The new Viking tailor workshop.
infirmary Nordic Infirmary
The new doctor house for your Nordic people.

Separated Buildings

Buildings and tools to use in other scenarios like Colonial Charter or to expand a vanilla based game. All these objects are included in the North mod.

Dairy Hut Dairy Hut (1.3 MB)
A small hut to make butter and cheese from milk.
Log Cabin Nordic Log Cabin (6.2 MB)
Log cabins from the North including storage buildings and workshops.
Red Cottage Red Cottage (11.0 MB)
Cottages from the North including storage buildings and a village shop.
Village Shop Village Shop (3.7 MB)
The village shop in a red cottage ready for vanilla vendors.
Izba Izba (1.0 MB)
A traditional Russian house for rural settlements.
nordic sauna Nordic Sauna (1.2 MB)
The sauna from the North to make your people happy.
hunting cabin Nordic Hunting Cabin (1.6 MB)
The settled workplace for your hunters in Nordic style.
Tannery Nordic Tannery (1.4 MB)
A cabin to process hides from cattle and deer into leather.
Hunting Hunting Tool (0.01 MB)
A tool for active hunting deer and other wild animals.
Gathering Gathering (0.01 MB)
Buttons for active gathering wild fruits and herbs.
fly-fishing Fly Fishing (0.4 MB)
A small spot at a river or lake to go fishing for trout.
Campfire Campfire (0.5 MB)
A campfire for your hunters to roast some venison.
ChoppingBlock Chopping Block (0.1 MB)
A simple workplace to make firewood.
Wooden Chapel Wooden Chapel
The wooden chapel from the North, without attracting nomads.
Tjurkö Mill Tjurkö Mill
The Nordic water mill to make flour from wheat.

Save Game Scenarios

Lillholmen Lillholmen Map
Island scenario with true Anders and Ella. Requires North 6.2 + Norseman.


Money Bag (0.2 MB) – Nice for gold seeking at river banks.

Dried Mushrooms (4 KB) – Shrinks your vanilla mushrooms from weight 4 to 1.

Dutch Flag (0.4 MB) – National Flags of the Netherlands for decoration.

Black Grouse (0.2 MB) – A small patch to add black grouses as livestock.

Stone Tools (0.2 MB) – Add-on to make some primitive stone tools.

Feather Patch (6 KB) – To reduce the feather output and to make them salable in the North.

Purchase Patch (3 KB) – To fix the trading bug of disappearing resources in vanilla games.

North Icon – For your own desktop link to start the game.


 Christ Catnap

Catch them All!

I am Grateful Tom Sawyer – came looking for the mods that kick of iron production in The North – ie., the clay furnace, and little clay quarry because they are truly missed when starting my wicked big mod salad Banishings.

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