Banished Ventures


On this page you find all mods for Banished, made by Tom Sawyer. To install, move the pkm files to your Banished/Windata folder and activate them in your mod list. If you play Banished on Steam, you find this folder in Programs/Steam/SteamApps/common. Most mods you can also subscribe in Steam Workshop.

Banished Adventures

A complete game expansion in Nordic style with special environment, buildings and resources. Focus is on realism and survival.


North FrenchTraduction Française
French translation mod for your Nordic adventure.
North DEDeutsche Übersetzung
German translation mod for your Nordic adventure.
North RUРусский перевод
Russian translation mod for your Nordic adventure.

Citizen Mods

Tough people from the North. Realtime aging for your Nordic adventure. With a racial bonus on strength and cold-resistance.
Real time aging with hard conditions for a special challenge. Creates a balanced Nordic adventure for experienced players.

Tweaking Mods

New CropsNew Crops (0.01 MB)
Adds crops from the New World (potatoes, corn and pumpkin) to expand farming in the North.
New CropsNo Smoke (0.08 MB)
Removes particle effects from Nordic buildings for better game performance.

Separated Buildings

Buildings and tools to use in other scenarios like Colonial Charter or to expand a vanilla based game. All these objects are included in the North.

Log CabinNordic Log Cabin (6.2 MB)
Log cabins from the North including storage buildings and workshops.
Red CottageRed Cottage (11.0 MB)
Cottages from the North including storage buildings and a village shop.
Village ShopVillage Shop (3.7 MB)
The village shop in a red cottage ready for vanilla vendors.
A traditional Russian house for rural settlements.
Dairy HutDairy Hut (1.3 MB)
A small hut to make butter and cheese from milk.
TanneryNordic Tannery (1.4 MB)
A cabin to process hides from cattle and deer into leather.
HuntingHunting (0.01 MB)
A tool for active hunting deer and other wild animals.
GatheringGathering (0.01 MB)
Buttons for active gathering wild fruits and herbs.
GatheringFly Fishing (0.4 MB)
A small spot at a river or lake to go fishing for trout.
CampfireCampfire (0.5 MB)
A campfire for your hunters to roast some venison.
ChoppingBlockChopping Block (0.1 MB)
A simple workplace to make firewood.


North Icon – For your own desktop link to start the game.