Banished Ventures


The North

Hello Traveler!

My name is Tom. I’m the author of the North and a few other mods for Banished. I love this game and I love it to create new content for it. Together with the modders on World of Banished and from Black Liquid Team I want to keep this game alive. I create all models from scratch following pictures of historical buildings and try to make things as true to the original as it’s possible with the ModKit.

This is mainly a fan website for Banished. You can find here new mods and info about the game, especially about the Nordic theme including a wiki of all buildings and resources. Working together with a community and talking about new ideas, models or balancing is a great way to make new content. Feel free to leave comments or to write in forums. If you like to contribute to this website (for example to help building up our Wiki) please let me know.

Have a nice adventure! :)