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The North

The North is an expansion for the city building and survival game Banished. It includes a new landscape with realistic climate and sun pitches, Nordic ambient sounds, wild animals and resources, a whole set of buildings in old Nordic style, new production chains, a reworked trading system and many small changes to create a new game experience for banished people. It also offers start conditions for different play styles and levels of difficulty from easy to very challenging. A focus is on realism and survival.

DOWNLOAD (90 MB) – Last updated: December 25, 2017

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To install this mod, copy the pkm file to your Banished windata directory. If you purchased the game on Steam, it is located in Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished.

Start Banished and open your mod list. Enable the North and place it on top to adapt buildings and resources of recommended mods to the Nordic economy. Red markings only point to overwritten files and do not mean a real conflict in this case. After changing your mod list please always exit and restart Banished to clean up the game from disabled mods. It avoids crashes when auto saving or quitting later.

The North is changing the whole game and cannot work properly with other main mods. They overwrite each other and it will not be a consistent result. It is recommended to play the Nordic scenario standalone or together with compatible mods.

This mod requires Banished 1.0.7. If you still use an older version of the game please update first.


You can optionally use these add-ons and translations. They are separate mod file and have to be copied into your windata folder as well. Translations always have to be placed above the main mod to overwrite strings and textures. They also can be enabled/disabled in a running game to switch between languages.

Norseman – Tough people from the North (real time aging mod)

NewCrops.pkm (11 KB) – Crops from the New World to expand farming and trade in modern age. (3 MB) – German translation, last updated: January 6, 2018 (3 MB) – Russian translation, last updated: December 25, 2017


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52 comments on “THE NORTH”


Hi Tom,

Would love to try out this mod, but am running into an issue. I have Banished 1.0.7 beta, fresh with no additional mods. When I load the game, it loads fine. I can start the new quest, but after about 2 mins, it crashes and freezes my entire computer. Any suggestions?

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi! First, the current version of Banished is out of beta and should load as final 1.0.7. Your crash seems to happen when autosaving after a few minutes. The only known cause is an inconsistent mod list and usually can be fixed by a complete restart of the game after disabling other mods. You can try this but if you don’t have any other mods in your list then it’s unclear. Let me know if you get it to work now.



    Updated Banished to 1.0.7 final, and I no longer have any issues. Thank you for the heads up, I appreciate it. The mod is simply spectacular!


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