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    Hi Tom, a couple of questions because I love your mod and want to get the most enjoyment out of it. I’m about 60 years into a game and have two trading posts. I have plenty of good to trade but I seem to keep getting an endless stream of coin merchants. I want to trade for fruits, sugar, salt and other things I need for a thriving village. Is this a bug in the main game or is something weird going on? I only have your mod installed. Also, what are wagon parts used for? I traded for some but can’t figure out what I can do with them. Thanks and love your work!

    Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer

    Hi Pete,

    I got such a question already about too many merchants who want to buy stuff instead of guys who sell resources. How the boats arrive at the trading post is quite random and such a row of buyers can happen. It is a ratio of 50:50 buy and sell. I will test if there is something wrong. Also, it can be necessary to adjust this setting or to replace it by another concept. It seems as it can become a bit frustrating.

    If you build the small docks in Viking style, you will get a barter trade without coins, where every merchant can have something you need, especially the main imports like fruits, salt and such. Maybe the better concept at all.

    Wagon Parts are special items required by the DS Wagon Vendor, wich is a great additional mod for small markets made by Discrepancy. We included the resource file to adapt this mod. Actually these parts should not become visible or brought by merchants without adding his mod. I will try to fix it.


    Thanks Tom! I haven’t added any of your other mods yet but I will try them very soon. I use Steam as my platform and sometimes it isn’t clear to me which mods are yours and which are imposters lol. And thanks for confirming that I just had an unprecedented string of bad merchant luck.

    Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer

    On Steam are no stolen copies of my mods. Since Luke fixed this problem, it’s not possible anymore to upload a mod to a workshop without its source code on the local machine. So Steam and this website are the save places to get my mods.

    Here the link to the Wagon Vendors in Discrepancy’s Steam workshop. It can be added to a running game and should be placed below the North to work properly.


    Thanks so much! When I get tired of this village I will upload some new mods and start another game. Thanks for all the info!



    I noticed those wagon parts available too and it lead me to the North + DS mods setup listed on steam. Just tried out North with the compatible DS mods listed on steam workshop, including the wagon parts mod. The combination of the two mod sets is appealing. Having buildings available in more than one pattern is great. I also used New Crops, Norsemen, and the new Windmill and Tailor mods, as well as CC Terrain Tools. I found the terrain tools associated with the DS mod a bit difficult to use and get the right look, but I think if I practiced with it some more it may become easier. The decorative objects part by DS is fantastic, I love the wheelbarrows and carts. DS Jetty and Bridge is great too. Still discovering new things.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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