Banished Ventures
Frame House Sketches

Modding Diary – July 2018

Version 7 of the North mod is in progress. See what new models were made in the last weeks, like Viking turf houses, frame houses and more.

happiness example

How-To: Happiness

How the happiness system works in Banished and how to make your people fully happy in the North since the latest mod updates.

French Translation

French Translation

Bienvenue dans le Nord! A French translation is now available for the North 6.2. The mod was fully translated including building textures …

Hunter Tools

Hunter Tools

Some updated tools for your banished hunters and gatherers. Separated from the North and free to pick for your adventure.

headless chicken

The Headless Chickn

The headless chicken from Down Under banished to the North. Lost in this unforgiving land, will it survive or end up in incest and insanity?


Lillholmen with Anders and Ella

Play with real Anders and Ella on a little island in the northern lakelands and help them to survive. A new save game scenario for banished people.

Survival Hotfix

North 6.2 – Survival Hotfix

A small update of the North mod is available for download. It fixes balancing issues of starting conditions and the latest happiness change.

North 6.1 – Spring Update

Spring comes late to the North this year but finally the new version is available. Download and read here about new content and changes.

Banished – Battle Mode

Announcement for the upcoming North 7: New Warrior profession and tool option “Axe and Shield” including special effects …

Modding Diary – March 2018

It has been quite a while since the release of version 6 in December. I started to “model” again and thought it might be nice for you to hear …

Great Fire of Steve

A major conflagration swept through the housing area of Stevetown. It also reached the market and destroyed the main stock of food …

Let’s Play With HelDM

Follow HelDM figuring out features of the current version. Hunting, gathering, gold-seeking, iron working, trading and more ..