Banished Ventures

Flag of Ukraine

Just a simple mod to add flags of Ukraine and to overpaint signs at Nordic buildings. For the people in your Banished town to show their support for Ukraine and against the war.

North 7.1.3 – Trading Patch

A small update is available for the North mod, mainly to fix the annoying bug that made merchants to miss big trading docks in lakes. A few other issues got fixed or balanced as well, also for better compatibility with DS Jetties and Bridges.

Let’s Build a Stone Hut

Some time ago while wandering through northern lands, I came across a Swedish Stenstugan that looked quite “banished” to me. It was built in Skansen, like labourer’s houses which were common in southern Sweden of the 19th century.

Let’s Build the Rittenhouse Mill – Completed

In year 1678, a young German guy named Wilhelm Rettlinghausen the papermaker moved to the Netherlands, to marry a girl from Amsterdam and to become an even better papermaker…

Mission: Crash-Landing

Two test pilots got caught in a snowstorm and crashed somewhere in the northern mountains! Fortunately, they survived but it is terribly cold and they have no equipment or food supply… Try this new Banished mission for a fun challenge!

How To: Bogland

Bog areas are common in the North, not only in real but also in Banished since the lastest update. Read about this new land type and how to use it for your settlement.

Let’s Finish the Russian Chapel

Some inveterate Banished people might remember this chapel from Siberia with the golden cupola, which was never finished. Let’s go back to it, to solve the issues and to finally finish it!

Update – North 7.1 “Bogland”

Spring arrived in the North – high time for a sacrificing feast and to renew the Banished land. Version 7.1 brings a couple of new buildings, bog areas and peat-cutting as well as many adjustments and fixes. Check out what’s new for another Banished adventure!

Let’s Build a Viking Longhouse

This time I want to build something nice. Also something that is still missing in the Viking set and what else could it be than a true Viking Longhouse. One not only to feast like the mead hall but to live.

Let’s Build a Storehouse .. out of Turf

Settling in overseas, your Vikings can build some clever houses from turf to save wood but not even a simple storage building? That should be changed in the next version!

Let’s Build a Hunting Camp

Since the Hunting Cabin is a midgame item requiring glass and not everyone likes to micromanage so much, the idea of a simple but permanent workplace for hunters came up. Let’s build it!

Picture Puzzle

Banished in the woods, you need a good eye for everything edible. Proof your survival skill and let me know in comments what will be in the cooking pot this evening!

Update – North 7 “Vikings”

You can now download and play North 7. This update has its focus on old Nordic style from Viking era and expands especially the early stage of a game. It also fills gaps in building set beyond medieval and polishes many other aspects of the mod.

Let’s Build a Fording

One more suggested item I want to build now and it should go pretty fast. It is an opportunity to cross streams in the new seafarer scenario where you have to struggle with rare wood.