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Let’s Build a Viking Longhouse

February 8, 2020

The turf storage was one of these models where you fiddle around again and again but it doesn’t really become better, just seems not destined to be a beauty. Now I want to build something nice. Also something that is still missing in the Viking set and what else could it be than a true Viking Longhouse. One not only to feast like the mead hall but to live, in the old way with many people sharing one fireplace.

Here are some pictures I picked for inspiration. It’s a replica of a rather small longhouse that was typical for ordinary people living on a farmstead – perfect for our use. It is situated in the Historycenter of Avaldsnes (Norway). The same house can be seen with and without a stone wall around, maybe to use this as a variant. In second picture you can also see some Viking bannies, as always idling instead of carrying stuff..




Transferred to game dimensions I would place such a longhouse on 9 or 10 x 3 tiles. That’s like two frame houses, so with room for 2 families and 10 inhabitants in total. With a road at the long side, it will not be superior over the single frame houses which are meant (and should not be displaced) for dense housing areas. Here the basic shape of the house on game tiles as a first concept:

Longhouse Concept

February 10, 2020

Now the model is finished in SketchUp with all details but low poly for good game perfomance (about 1,040 vertices and 1,900 triangles).

Longhouse Concept

February 20, 2020

The Viking longhouse is finished and ready for test-living. Check out your early-access page! Three families can move in with up to 12 people in total. This makes it the most efficient home in terms of required area and it should be an interesting option in starting conditions such as shepherd or seafarer.


Properties are for now:

Size: 10 x 3 tiles
Building materials: 84 Logs, 12 Stone, 4 Iron Fittings
Building time: 100
Capacity: 3 families with up to 4 people each
Energy efficiency: 80%
Risk on Fire: High
Happiness: No effect
Specific feature: People move out if they find a house for their own family



Wow, this would have been the house for my Dorritt and Amiracle.

You know one thing I also miss in my game; a proper Viking grave. These modern type of gravestones do look misplaced in the Viking world.

     Tom Sawyer

    I already took away crosses from the tombstone set but a separate pagan burial ground or such would be even better.


Of the last three things you’ve made I’m the most excited for this one. Looking really good so far, and I always support more variety in houses.

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