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Let’s Build a Stone Hut

September 24, 2020

Stone Hut OriginalSome time ago while wandering through northern lands, I came across a Swedish Stenstugan that looked quite “banished” to me. It was built in Skansen, like labourer’s houses which were common in southern Sweden of the 19th century. Families living in those houses were poor, all days hard working and no land owning, just like our little pixel people. The construction is that simple as their life. A small home with a single room, built of field stones with a grass roof, primitive fittings and furnitures.

There is not much to show about modelmaking in this case. It’s just finished:

Stone Hut

Stone Hut in Winter

For now I call it a Stone Hut since I have something slightly bigger in mind as a stone cottage in future. This house here will be placed in midgame (requiring glass panes) and so as a kind of competitor to log cabins. But they are quite different. First, the stone hut is sitting on 4 x 4 tiles just like vanilla houses and give room only for a small family of 4 people. Building materials are cheaper but not that renewable. Fuel efficiency is slightly better in solid wood constructions while this stone house has a lower chance to catch fire. Over all some interesting differences and good reasons to build both house types on a Nordic map. Details as usual in Wiki.

Photo by Marie Andersson (


Nordic Stone Hut (1.5 MB) – Beta version – September 24, 2020
A small labourer house for poor Banished people.



Look so nice, i hope you still make more buildings Tom. :)


I’ve built a few of these houses in my present game. I still would have prefered it without glass and iron fittings to be able to use as first house on a safarer map, where it’s easier to collect stones than logs.

You can take a loook at some screenshots and read about the game on my usual place on WOB.😁

     Tom Sawyer

    I think I keep it in midgame, beyond glass. Maybe too strong compared to early houses and also not really matching the Viking Age.


    I can agree that they are bit cheap especially compared to the log houses but still considerably more expensive than the turf houses so I guess it will work this way, maybe add a few stones.

    I don’t know yet how the smaller families influences a normal Norseman game, we will see. I will build them wherever I find them fit, especially out in the woods and in pasture areas.

    They are convienent in a Seafare game where you have more stones than you really need but must save logs. I put one out in the woods next to the forester hut (didn’t have enough logs to build the connected home, yet) but I will later need another house out ther anyway, so it will come later. It looks a bit odd, small and simple together with the forester house but on the other hand, there has always been rich and poor people. It fits more like a house for a poor shepherds family on the second picture.(there would have been screenshots, if I knew how to add them)


Your hut’s like a spitting image of the photograph, nice work!


It looks good. It will be perfect on a seafarer game, where you have plenty of stones but need to save every log. As you might know, I’m not so fond of 4 person houses, but in a harsh surrounding they might make sense and I also know, that many people prefer those kind of houses, so I will not complain, especially when you give us the teaser of something similar but bigger. 😉😊

The only thing I might critisize is the need for glass. Isn’t it better to make it real primitive, to be able to use as first home?

If you don’t want to change this, I might have an idea for a primitive house. The poorest people in my neighborhood could live in something called ‘backstuga”. Backe is slope in Swedish, so you might understand the construction. It was more or less dug into a hill with a front of wood (or maybe stones). And you could add a similar building as storage. A proper Swedish “jordkällare” is simply missing in the North. Every old house have one in my neighborhood, often still in use. (from mine you can unfortunately only see traces)


Wow das sieht sehr cool aus, ich glaube ich muss mal wieder North spielen^^ dachte erst es wird ein Erdkeller für Nahrung.

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