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North 7.1.3 – Trading Patch

Banished Tradinge Patch

Hello Banished people!

A small update is available for the North mod, mainly to fix the annoying bug that made merchants to miss big trading docks in lakes. A few other issues got fixed or balanced as well, also for better compatibility with DS Jetties and Bridges. Unfortunately the update is not working with saves of progressed towns, so it is recommended to start a new map with this version. If you still want to patch an existing town, you can try to remove your trading docks, load the game with this update and rebuild them.

Here the list of all changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused merchant ships missing the big trading dock and the export dock in lakes.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed DS Jetties and Bridges glassworks and trading docks.
  • Fixed a pathing issue of fishing piers that made them inaccessible.
  • Made merchants with glass and bricks slightly more frequent at the big dock.
  • Reduced the trade value of sand to 2-3 from 3-4 to balance it to the finite clay.
  • Removed salt and sugar from village shops.
  • Removed infestations from cropfields, orchards and pastures for better gameplay.
  • Reduced the maximum number of nomads at the village hall (from 1-12% to 1-8% of pop.)
  • Made priests staying in wooden chapels while working.
  • Removed fishing gear from DS Jetties and Bridges fishing spots since they can’t be produced in the North.
  • Added the recipe for wagon parts to the Jetties and Bridges workshop.
  • .. and polished some things in the UI.

Info for modders: That pathing issue is caused by the boat_001 point located inside of the trading dock object (blocked by tiles of the building). There is probably an additional way finding function from main river to boat point that doesn’t ignore overbuilt tiles.


North7 (149.4 MB)
Version 7.1.3 from February 21, 2021.



Hi Tom,
long has it been since i last played The North mod. I revisited vanilla Banished recently but it was just not good enough after the North-experienxe, so i had to reinstall the new version of your mod and oh am I enjoying it! In this version of it really makes a well balanced, interesting game with steady progression and new challenges at every corner. It adds so much to the Game, with new music and some more different terrain textures it would not be recognisable.
I just wanted to thank you for all your time that has flown into this project, and the faithfulness to your Work, which you also show by still running this site. Did the trader get a little makeover after recieving my pictures? I dont fully remember how it looked beforehand. If so, i am glad to have contributed the slightest to the Legend of Banished – The North.
PS: are you following the development of Manor lords? I think it might be a game worth modding for you ;)

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi, nice to see people coming back to this and having fun. I only remember that I got photos of these buildings, I think from denmark, where I made the big trading posts from. But that’s so long ago.

    Manor Lords I followed from time to time. It makes Banished look pretty old. Maybe I give it a try when it comes out in April.


Hello Tom
– I really like your North mod, but I only have one request: can you change the people’s costumes to Viking costumes?

– I think it would be great, I also want to ask if the forest in the mod will regenerate quickly when natural trees and wild fruits such as mushrooms, medicinal plants or other fruits in the mod are cut down and harvested?
– Do animals like deer or chickens reproduce quickly when hunting?

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi Adam, nice the mod is still used!

    These citizen textures were made by someone from Finland and I was very happy to add them. Fits well the old times, although not exactly what one would expect from Vikings of a TV series.

    Nature regenerates in different ways. Trees reseed new trees nearby, not quicker but more than in the original game. Means if you cut down too many trees, the forest will not quickly regrow anymore. New berries and mushrooms appear every year but only next to trees. And wild animals get offspring every year. How quick they reproduce depends on how many get hunted and how much of their hapitats get destroyed by buildings and land use.


    Well thank you for answering my question
    I only have one question: will the mod still be developed and updated in the future?

    I really hope that in the future there will be decorations related to the Vikings and a building that simulates the area where the deceased are buried according to Viking culture.

     Tom Sawyer

    The mod might get an update at some point. There are things that were in the works but not yet finished, and others that bother me in the latest version. A burial site for people of the old times would probably be part of it.


Speaking of Jetty and Bridges, that mod seems to have disappeared. The download link for it on WoB leads to an error “file no longer exist” on Mega :(

     Tom Sawyer

    Seems he’s finally given up modding. The website is offline too. But the mod is still on Steam and Nexus.


    Ah, Nexus, good idea! Cheers!


    I just noticed that the jetty workshop doesn’t have the fishing gear in its production list, so there’s no way to produce those fishing rods that are required to build the dock Arch Bridge fishing spots.
    I suspect you removed the fishing gear requirements from all other fishing spots, but missed the one that’s hidden in the bridges/modular section ;)

     Tom Sawyer

    You are right. This gear is removed since people use tools for fishing but I could not figure out the right file name of that certain arch bridge spot. Have to try again then.


Thanks Tom! Are you planning to release any other patches or updates within the next month? I’m working on a challenge for people to try using your mods, so if by chance you’re about to release a new version of anything I’ll hold off until that’s available.

Really appreciate the fixes you made with 7.1.3. And I’m not trying to rush you on the next version, just want to confirm. Thanks again!

     Tom Sawyer

    I have plans for a content update but not in the next few months. I’m curious what you are working on, so don’t hesitate to involve me. :)


    Short version is I have a very difficult challenge for people to try using your mods (specifically The North 7.1.3, Ironman, and Stone Tools).

    The challenge is basically to use Survivor mode, Harsh climate, and Ironman, and then build as much as possible before the end of Year 1 with no one dying. I’ve been able to build 2 Goahtis, 2 Turf Houses, a Log Shed, a Wooden Well, Campfire, Stone Tool smith, Wooden Idol, a Sauna, a Healer’s Hut, and Thingstead, with all 6 people (4 adults plus 2 kids who get born along the way) wearing Hide Coats. I can send you a screenshot if you want, to prove this is possible before I post the formal challenge for everyone to try.

    This requires absolute maximum efficiency, which is hard enough on its own, but there is also a very counterintuitive decision you have to make at some point. It’s like a whole new way to play Banished!

    Calling this challenge “Let Winter Come!” as a Game of Thrones reference, as though you’re playing as the Free Folk and those are their words in response to “Winter is coming.”

    I’m working on a video to walk people through using The North from downloading / installing the mods, to all the basic new mechanics you introduce like the hunting tool and peat. If you wanted to preview the video before I post everything, that would be helpful, but otherwise I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that I need. Planning to post it here and also on World of Banished plus the Banished subreddit.


    Forgot to mention: I made another account called CADi_Master to match my YouTube channel, so I will be posting this challenge from that account when the time comes.

    I think people will have a lot of fun with this; since it’s a Year 1 challenge it’s easy to start over and doesn’t take long to attempt.

     Tom Sawyer

    That sounds like an interesting challenge. Although a pretty short one. =)

    When you have something to preview, I’m happy to check it.


    Thanks Tom! It is indeed a very interesting challenge :) It’s harder than it sounds.

    Can I email you at when I have the video ready?

     Tom Sawyer

    Yes, write me there.


Thank you. I´ll make another try with jetty and bridges.

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