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North 7.1.3 – Trading Patch

Banished Tradinge Patch

Hello Banished people!

A small update is available for the North mod, mainly to fix the annoying bug that made merchants to miss big trading docks in lakes. A few other issues got fixed or balanced as well, also for better compatibility with DS Jetties and Bridges. Unfortunately the update is not working with saves of progressed towns, so it is recommended to start a new map with this version. If you still want to patch an existing town, you can try to remove your trading docks, load the game with this update and rebuild them.

Here the list of all changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused merchant ships missing the big trading dock and the export dock in lakes.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed DS Jetties and Bridges glassworks and trading docks.
  • Fixed a pathing issue of fishing piers that made them inaccessible.
  • Made merchants with glass and bricks slightly more frequent at the big dock.
  • Reduced the trade value of sand to 2-3 from 3-4 to balance it to the finite clay.
  • Removed salt and sugar from village shops.
  • Removed infestations from cropfields, orchards and pastures for better gameplay.
  • Reduced the maximum number of nomads at the village hall (from 1-12% to 1-8% of pop.)
  • Made priests staying in wooden chapels while working.
  • Removed fishing gear from DS Jetties and Bridges fishing spots since they can’t be produced in the North.
  • Added the recipe for wagon parts to the Jetties and Bridges workshop.
  • .. and polished some things in the UI.

Info for modders: That pathing issue is caused by the boat_001 point located inside of the trading dock object (blocked by tiles of the building). There is probably an additional way finding function from main river to boat point that doesn’t ignore overbuilt tiles.


North7 (149.4 MB)
Version 7.1.3 from February 21, 2021.



Thank you. I´ll make another try with jetty and bridges.

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