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Flag of Ukraine

Stand With Ukraine

Hello everyone!

It’s hard to bear what happens in Ukraine these days and how one can’t really help other than putting colors somewhere and donating to charities. The little pixel people in Banished towns can’t do much either, but started to place flags and overpaint signs in front of their houses. If your people also want to show support for Ukraine and against the war, this simple mod helps out.

The mod adds a flag of Ukraine in some variants and overwrites textures of Nordic buildings like Tavern, Village Shops, Warehouse and Temple. It can be added to any vanilla or modded game for the flag and together with the North for overpainted signs. If you want the flag besides original textures, just move it below the North in your mod list. The flag can be found under roads, bridges and decoration.


Ukraine Flag (3.7 MB)
Version 1 – March 6, 2022.



Thank you for this, Tom!


I really like this mod

I hope you will add the NATO flag and the United States flag will fly together with the Ukrainian flag


My citizens support Russia against expansionist NATO. Looking forward to a Russian flag.

     Tom Sawyer

    You don’t have to. I already made a russian flag, included in the main mod and free to use.. For people who appreciate occupying other countries, bombing cities and killing people for the sake of a greater empire.

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