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Let’s Finish the Russian Chapel

May 1, 2020

Some inveterate Banished people might remember this chapel from Siberia with the golden cupola, which was never finished. Let’s go back to it, to solve the issues and to finally finish it!

Reasons why I paused working on this building were technical problems. I was not satisfied with the texture on the roof, the shadowing in general with lots of glitches along round edges and with bad performance in game that bocked down while rendering the chapel with its quite high poly and smoothed geometry. After working at another project in 2019 where I got more knowledge about 3d graphics, I optimized the whole building set for North 7 with better mapping and ambient occlusion, separate outline meshes and thinks like that. Doing all this now with my old model of the chapel worked wonders. The game did not drop in FPS anymore, shadows were better and the roof looked promising. Nice!

There were still things to do like polishing textures and making building stages… my “favorite” job in Banished modding. Lot of work for a few moments on screen, if players notice it at all while busy in other parts of the map. ;)  But this chapel will not be build that fast and to cut a long story short, here it is – the Saint Nicholas Chapel of Novosibirsk for Banished:

Nicholas Chapel

For now I chose values that should make this chapel expensive but worth building in a developed town with high population. It is superior over the other religious buildings of my set with a big circle, high capacity and immune to disasters. Building costs follow the North7 system but they are included in a way you can buy all materials from vanilla merchants or produce them in other mods like CC. As most single mods, it has to be placed below your main mod. Download is available from Early-Access page. Details in this test version are as follows and suggestions for balancing from your game experience are very welcome.

Size: 5 x 6 (9 x 10 with road tiles)
Building materials:  60x Logs  30x Ashlar  90x Bricks  16x Tar  12x Fittings  12x Glass  120x Gold
Building time: 250 turns
Happiness: Spirit with priest bonus
Radius: 50 tiles
Capacity: for 750 members
Risk on fire: Completely resistant



It’s beautiful!


I have plannes to build it in my present town, if I ever can buy so much gold as it needs. But it will be a very nice side goal.😊


It’s so pirdy. There’s still so many wonderful cultural styles to be possibly implemented to Banished. You and Angainor88 are doing incredible jobs.:)


Looks good. Will the mine then give gold again? or do we need to buy all that gold?

     Tom Sawyer

    I think to add gold mining to the North again but probably via gold ore that has to be smelted or got from a specialized gold mine, both would solve the balancing issues it had.

    But this chapel will probably not join the North mod or only if there is a bunch of different new churches. It’s too much not Scandinavian and rather meant as a unique building added optionally to a mod set. I think there are ways to produce gold in CC/MM, Red’s or in DS mods.

    About the bible I was not 100% sure in this orthodox chapel but actually makes sense here, yes. :)

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