Banished Ventures

Let’s Build a Fording

November 23, 2019

The healing gap is closed and many bugs of the current beta version are fixed. Thanks to the Beta testers for their great help! One more suggested item I want to build now and it should go pretty fast. It is an opportunity to cross streams in the new seafarer scenario where you have to struggle with rare wood but where the ground is covered with stone. So why should inventive banished people not just put some big boulders into water to make a fording.

Let’s start with some planning. And measuring the Banished streams in tiles and map types. There are normal (flat land), shallow water including banks and deep water tiles mostly in such a row:

Stepstones Plan

So I create an object of 1 tile width and 9 tiles depth that requires land tiles on both ends to make sure it is placed correctly and will be usable in every case. Models of boulders and stones I can just take from my resource models, arranging them as stepping stones across the stream. It has to follow the terrain and probably most parts of the model will vanish below ground but that’s ok. Something like that:

Stepstones Sketch

I will test and adjust it until it looks and works as expected..

November 24, 2019

Sunday afternoon with the help of some coffee and uncounted test runs I have now every stone at the right position. My bannies with tired and wet feet are finally happy with their new fording and it can join the Beta version. :)

Stepstones Screen

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