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Update – North 7.1 “Bogland”

Banished North Bogland

Spring arrived in the North – high time for a sacrificing feast and to renew the Banished land. Version 7.1 brings a couple of new buildings, bog areas and peat-cutting as well as many adjustments and fixes. Overall a small but important update to make North 7 more matured and polished. Check out what’s new and download below for another Banished adventure!

New Buildings and Land Uses

No Viking update without a proper Longhouse, right?
Matching storage buildings for Turf Houses.
Hunting Camp
Permanent workplace for lazy early game hunters.
Peat Cutting
Peat Cutting
Additional fuel for heating your houses.

Gameplay Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Bog areas are now scattered on the map with peat as a new resource.
  • Abundance of stone, iron ore, deadwood and wild plants are rebalanced.
  • In the Norse Temple, people now celebrate sacrificing feasts for happiness.
  • Idols are reduced to one tile and provide only an idling spot.
  • Nomads now arrive at Thingsteads and later in larger groups at the Village Hall, not longer at chapels.
  • Risk of diseases for healthy people reduced to be now 1/50 of unhealthy.
  • Risk of death while childbearing reduced from 0.5% to 0.1% for healthy women.
  • Fuel efficiency of houses recalculated. Details on housing page in wiki.
  • Storage capacity has been increased by about 20% and of trading docks by 50%.
  • Loft-Storehouses now also store food.
  • Adjusted export merchants to pay well more often and more predictable.
  • Hunting spots now take place on only 2 x 2 tiles for easy use in dense forests.
  • Campfires can now render tallow from animal fat in a pot.
  • Added building UI to Campfire and Stepstones.
  • Reduced radius of Gatherer Shelters to 24 for higher yield (shorter walks).
  • Changed marker of fishing spots for better visibility.
  • Fixed crayfishing spots to prevent people from fully crossing the stream.
  • Removed glass from Dairy Hut to let the Vikings process milk from the beginning.
  • Quarries now also produce boulders in ratio of 1:3 stones.
  • Increased output of Millstones to 2 – 3 from a boulder.
  • Fur coats now need leather to require a tannery.
  • Fixed workspeed of linen weaving, now +100% faster.
  • Many buildings got more road tiles to workaround the vanilla “building site bug”.
  • Added upgrade buttons to Turf House and Turf Storehouse.
  • Reworked fire particle system to better match size and location of buildings.
  • Fixed a storage bug in glass factory extension.
  • Fixed (now really) the crash when pausing the building site of an export dock.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash at DS Jetty Glassmaker.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash at the Mini Town Hall.
  • Kralyerg’s Mini Buildings are now better integrated in general.
  • Polished UI and a new font that works over all languages.
  • Reworked toolbar tips for better descriptions.

The wiki pages will be revised in the next few days to be up to date with North 7.1.


Many thanks to all beta testers for bug reports and suggestions, especially Nilla, Jase and Taganaya, to Lucy Bextor for the now up to date Russian translation and Ľuboš Dráb for the new Slovak translation. Also thanks to all people who donated to this modding project since last update!



What were the changes introduced in 7.1.2?


I need to mod age 2.5

note my english is weak

     Tom Sawyer

    Can you please more explain your question? Also in your language if easier. Google will do the job.


Tom where is you


    I know it’s on Steam, but I have an unofficial version, please help me


Thank you for sharing this mod to us. Firstly that unclaimed area is a something waste a time dude, second thing is real time aging is not working with this mod :/

     Tom Sawyer

    What exactly do you mean with unclaimed area, bogland in general or the reclaiming tool?

    Real time aging is default in this Mod. Additional aging mods turn red because of this and are not necessary.


    İ mean reclaim land

     Tom Sawyer

    This is meant to remove bog areas quickly for new farmland or buildings, without time consuming peat-cutting. You don’t get resources this way but usable land.


Nice to see you ae still workin for this game Tom.

“Loft-Storehouses now also store food”
Did you make “no gate version” with more storage for loft-storehouse what i suggest, if so, can i ask for update to seperate mod in some point too. I cant test north now, because my banished is freezing some kind driver problem, cant play, but want to play later.

     Tom Sawyer

    I did not make a new model for the loft-storehouse yet, but the capacity was increased to 6000. I will update the separate building mod.


@Tom Sawyer – Wonderful – thank you very much – great work and ideas, I’m very glad that you always add new elements to your mods to make the game even more interesting. I like playing The North. Regards




Coool time to play^^


Ooooh, I am excited! I know what I’ll be playing tomorrow. Thanks Tom!


I see that you now uploaded the official version. Thank you! Good work. I now have my new computer and will need to reload all my mods. Good to have a (for now) final version.

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