Banished Ventures

Hunting Camp

Hunting CampThis camp, simply build of some logs, is used by hunters to chase deer and other wild animals in the near area. It is a permanent workplace with small storage that makes hunters able to prepare their prey right in the forest. The fire can be used to roast venison, to craft simple clothing and also to render tallow from animal fat. These hunters don’t care about wildlife population as they do later in a Hunting Cabin.

Size: 5 x 3 tiles
Building costs: 12 Logs
Bulding time: 12
Storage for meat and hides: 500
Workers: 1 – 2 hunters
Radius for hunting: 24 tiles
Risk on fire: High

Related objects: Hunting Cabin

Tips: Use this camp if you are tired of micromanaging your hunters with the hunting tool or if a permanent workplace feels more comfortable. A temporary spot can still be used to pull hunters to a herd nearby. They will switch back to the camp when you remove the hunting spot.

Last edited on 29 April 2020



Is there a way for the same worker to work both the camp and the fireplace?

Thanks for a stunning mod!

     Tom Sawyer

    Not fully automatically but if you have a hunter working the camp and you turn it off, they will switch to the campfire until you turn the camp on again.

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