Banished Ventures


Livestock breeding is a common way to get proteins in Banished land, besides hunting and fishing. It also provides your people with hides and wool for clothing as well as milk for cheese production as a special and productive food source. The following animals are available in the North.

Animal Resources Max Age Offspring
  Chickens Chicken, Eggs 5 3 4 per year 30
  Sheep Mutton, Wool, Sheepskin, Fat 12 10 1 – 2 per year 200
  Cattle Beef, Milk, Hides, Fat 30 15 1 per year 600
  Reindeer Venison, Hides, Fat 24 10 2 per year 300
  Bees Honey ~ 1 persisting 100

Last edited on 29 April 2020

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