Banished Ventures

Fruit Trees

Fruits are the most expensive and difficult to grow foods in the northern part of the Banished world. Fruit trees can be grown in orchards and have different requirements, yields and ways of further processing. Your farmers can choose of the following trees.

Tree Ripening Time Ripening Temp. Freezing Price
  Apple 3.0 month 7.5 – 35 °C -30 °C 1200
  Pear 3.0 month 7.5 – 35 °C -27 °C 1000
  Cherry 2.0 month 10 – 40 °C -25 °C 1600
  Plum 2.5 month 10 – 40 °C -23 °C 1400
  Walnut 3.0 month 10 – 40 °C -20 °C 2000

Last edited on 22 December 2019


 Dem of L

One thing I’m still not sure about is if they should drop wood in its raw form. That still seems unbalanced to me. Wood gotten in this way was apparently useful for fuel, turning poles, and weaving wicker, but in real life they wouldn’t be harvesting entire logs either. In Banished it’s either firewood or it’s not, nothing in-between.


Hi folks!
great idea to introduce coppicing! Why not stick to the standard orchard mechanics and have a yield of firewood as “fruit” every year. the model that is typically the fruit tree would be the stump, and the fruits would have to be the branches growing out of it, the yield coming off of it being firewood. after some years the stumps will die off eventually, being replantet by the farmer then. couldnt that work? the first stages of growth before coppicing it would be interesting though.

 Dem of L

Hey there, I just had an idea about using orchards to simulate coppicing. This management method involves cutting tree downs to the stump and letting them regrow for firewood. It would be great if these trees were added in as another type and automatically cut down when mature.
Not sure if it can, but maybe the modkit can change them to grow faster and drop more firewood (but have no fruit)?

     Tom Sawyer

    That’s a nice idea and basically possible. But threre are issues. An orchard can’t be cut automatically. So a special forester object would be probably the better solution. Removing and replanting these shrubs is not really like coppicing though. Another problem is balancing. Dropping firewood would be the same amount like chopping a log and thats not much, even with faster growing time.

     Dem of L

    Hello again! I’d like to point your attention to Bjonatan’s suggestion, which makes much more sense given how orchards work. If firewood can be dropped instead of fruit, then a new type of ‘fruit tree’ could be added just to simulate coppicing. It would be represented by its stump (or stool, to be specific).

    Regarding balance, I think it would make a great intermediate step between primitive woodcutting and modern forestry. For the first few years you rely on cutting and gathering because your coppice is still growing, and after that you can enjoy a yearly supply of firewood. And the lodge is still the best, so you’d aim for that later in the game.

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