Banished Ventures


Banished people love it to sit in a tavern and to drink some booze. If alcohol is available, it increases their happiness. In the North, these types of beverages can be produced or imported.

Beverage Raw Material Output Value Space
Mead Honey 40 – 48 1 – 2 1
  Ale Barley or Wheat 40 – 48 1 – 2 1
  Schnapps Rye, Potatoes, Pears or Plums 30 – 36 1 – 2 1
  Wine 1 – 2 1

Last edited on 9 October 2020



Thank, Tom.


Does other alcohol provide happiness, such as if I use a tavern by someone else (terrible, I know) which produces cider?

     Tom Sawyer

    Yes, other taverns and alcohol from added mods work just fine for entertainment. Same with other buildings for spirit and so on. The only thing that will not work is providing cider by the “Alcohol from outside” option in the Nordic tavern because they don’t know this resource.

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