Banished Ventures

Resource Production

Building Production Size Building Materials
Woodcutter Cabin Logs 3 x 3 Logs, Stones
Forester Lodge Logs 6 x 8 Logs, Stones, Glass, Fittings
Chopping Block Firewood 2 x 2 Log
Charcoal Pit Charcoal 4 x 4 Firewood
Tar Kiln Tar and Charcoal 3 x 3 Stones, Log
Mine Iron Ore, Coal 15 x 12 Logs, Pottery
Bloomery Iron Bloom 3 x 3 Log, Clay
Smith’s Workplace Tools and Ironware 4 x 4 Logs, Stones, Boulder
Blacksmith Shop Tools and Ironware 5 x 5 Logs, Stones, Bricks, Tiles, Glass, Fittings, Anvil
Pottery Kiln Pottery 4 x 3 Logs, Clay
Stonemason Stones, Ashlar, Millstones 4 x 4 Logs, Clay
Trappers Cabin Furs 4 x 4 Logs, Stones, Traps
Tannery Leather 4 x 4 Logs, Stones
Weavers Hut Linen and Linseed 4 x 4 Logs, Stones, Clay
Tailor Shop Clothes 7 x 5 Logs, Stones, Clay, Fittings
Quarry Stones 21 x 16 Logs, Fittings, Ropes
Clay Pits Clay 10 x 8 Log
Sand Mine Sand 10 x 10 none
Brickyard Bricks and Tiles 8 x 5 Logs, Bricks, Tiles, Glass, Fittings
Glass Factory Glass, Glassware, Potash 5 x 7 Logs, Stones, Glass, Fittings

Overview of production buildings in North 6

Last edited on 19 March 2020


Ashantin Ashantin

Can anyone tell me what makes rope?


    I think they can only be bought at the moment.

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