Banished Ventures

Resource Production

Building Production Size Building Materials
Woodcutter Cabin Logs 3 x 3 Logs, Stones
Forester Lodge Logs 6 x 8 Logs, Stones, Glass, Fittings
Chopping Block Firewood 2 x 2 Log
Charcoal Pit Charcoal 4 x 4 Firewood
Tar Kiln Tar and Charcoal 3 x 3 Stones, Log
Mine Iron Ore, Coal 15 x 12 Logs, Pottery
Bloomery Iron Bloom 3 x 3 Log, Clay
Smith’s Workplace Tools and Ironware 4 x 4 Logs, Stones, Boulder
Blacksmith Shop Tools and Ironware 5 x 5 Logs, Stones, Bricks, Tiles, Glass, Fittings, Anvil
Pottery Kiln Pottery 4 x 3 Logs, Clay
Stonemason Stones, Ashlar, Millstones 4 x 4 Logs, Clay
Trappers Cabin Furs 4 x 4 Logs, Stones, Traps
Tannery Leather 4 x 4 Logs, Stones
Weavers Hut Linen and Linseed 4 x 4 Logs, Stones, Clay
Tailor Shop Clothes 7 x 5 Logs, Stones, Clay, Fittings
Quarry Stones 21 x 16 Logs, Fittings, Ropes
Clay Pits Clay 10 x 8 Log
Sand Mine Sand 10 x 10 none
Brickyard Bricks and Tiles 8 x 5 Logs, Bricks, Tiles, Glass, Fittings
Glass Factory Glass, Glassware, Potash 5 x 7 Logs, Stones, Glass, Fittings

Overview of production buildings in North 6

Last edited on 19 March 2020



All of these need to be bought from a merchant, as far as I can tell.

Roof Tiles
Bee Hives – could be a rare gather
Bible – a rare nomad could have it in their inventory
Rope – weaver could make it from something
Salt – mine option or separate building
Steel Bars – a forge maybe
Sugar – from a crop

For Bricks and Roof Tiles I can see having to need to trade, the rest hopefully will be found through gameplay in future patches. I don’t know much about the under the hood mechanics of the game so some might not be possible or even fit the theme of the mod. I don’t know much about the Northern European/Scandinavian history, so for Suger it may not be as simple as adding a sugar cane crop, or hemp for rope.

Overall this is an amazing mod, really brought some life back in to the game. I’ve been playing the game since near launch, and while a lot of the mods over the years have added a lot to the life of the game. They all seem like they sit on top of the game, the base game you know so well was always there to fall back on. This almost feels like a new game. Thanks for the enjoyment!

     Tom Sawyer

    Nice that you like the mod! Bricks and tiles can already be made in the brickyard, after buying the initial ones. All others are indeed imports only, which is intended to keep trading interesting. With updates, some of them can become produced items, like rope from hemp in a ropery or steel in a blast furnace or steel mill. Hemp is known from medieval Scandinavia as far as I know, sugar cane not of course.


How do I get glass to build a glassworks and bricks and tiles to build a brickworks ??

     Tom Sawyer

    You get it by trading. There is a little explanation in tooltips.


Can anyone tell me what makes rope?


    I think they can only be bought at the moment.

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