Banished Ventures

The North – Changelog

Version  6.2

  • Peat Goahti as first dwelling for survivors
  • Balancing changes for better survivability

Version  6.1

  • Tannery to process hides
  • Sauna to increase quality of life for your villagers
  • Ale House to brew and to serve alcohol for happiness
  • New animal pen for the pasture
  • New herb model
  • Lamp Oil and Tallow as Fuel for mining and tunneling
  • Reworked happiness system
  • Many changes for balanced happiness and more convenient gameplay

Version  6

  • New resource management and building materials
  • Glassworks and sand mining
  • New hunting cabin
  • New gatherer shelter
  • New foresters lodge
  • New herbalist
  • New smithies
  • Reworked workplaces for log cabins
  • Oven house for baking bread
  • Bee yard for honey production
  • Trading docks
  • Recultivation of pits and quarries
  • Solitary fruit trees
  • Log benches for decoration
  • Boardwalk to cross shallow waters
  • More ways of food processing
  • Many balancing changes to farming, trading and education

Version 5.3

  • A new start condition for gold-seekers.
  • A fishing pier and salt cabin to preserve fish.
  • A campfire for a hunter to roast some venison.
  • Gold as new valuable resource to mine and to seek at river banks.
  • Cows give now hides which have to be processed into leather.
  • The log cabin annex is now used by a leatherworker.
  • Onions available as crop.
  • Diversified seed prices.
  • Higher alcohol production.
  • Cheese can now produced using salt to make it more non-perishable.
  • Imported sugar is now edible.
  • Reworked terrain with new bog iron and “ghosted” underwater rocks.
  • New animal sounds.
  • Improved user interface of citizen, maps, professions and some buildings.
  • Fixed create points of many production buildings.
  • Added a new model of barrels.

Version 5.2

  • A bigger storage building for log cabins.
  • An extension for log cabins with a workplace for tailoring.
  • A smoking shed for preserving fish.
  • Herbs can now be grown on fields after buying seeds.
  • Different sizes of the overview map.
  • Fixed storage bug of alcohol.
  • Fixed bug of sometimes not acceptable nomads.

Version 5.1

  • Fixed bug of a wrong trapper limit.

Version 5

This update brings new buildings and resources especially to build an old Nordic village. It is still compiled for the current version of Banished but can also be used with installed 1.0.7 beta.

  • Nordic log cabins and storage sheds
  • Bank-Kontor to store and save coins
  • Village hall to show census data
  • Nordic chapel to attract nomads
  • Wooden well to provide water for for fire fighting
  • Chicken coop for a small area to breed chickens
  • Dairy hut to process milk into cheese
  • Trappers cabin to hunt fur animals
  • A couple of new national flags
  • Black grouses as new wild animal for hunting
  • Reindeer available to breed in pastures
  • Religious buildings now attract nomads
  • Sugar as new raw material for liqueur production brought by food merchants
  • Mills make just “flour” from wheat, rye or corn
  • Brewery is following the alcohol flag again
  • Increased production numbers for iron ore and coal
  • New start conditions for Shepherd
  • Ambient occlusion for all models
  • Reworked sunlight effect
  • More snow on buildings
  • Adjusted ambient sounds
  • Changed ecology with effect of forestry on deadwood mushrooms and fur animals
  • Rebalanced building requirements and production numbers

Version 4.6

  • Fixed milk icon bug.
  • Rebalanced livestock breeding (e.g. reduced required area for dairy cow).
  • Nomads start condition now with uneducated people.
  • Ironman start condition removed (available as separate citizen mod).

 Version 4.5

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the old barn from storing charcoal.
  • Increased production UI of the water mill.

Version 4.4

  • New conditions: Ironman.
  • New fence styles.
  • Tailor and Brewery UI changed to 1 worker.
  • Increased production in the brewery.
  • Increased prices of warm clothing for a better profit.
  • Increased price of barley (3-4). Now the mill is useful in harsh climate.
  • Increased price of liqueur for a better profit.
  • New production of booze from rye. You need 1 rye or 2 potato.
  • Alcohol not longer stored in warehouses.
  • Apples slightly more temperature dependent, but still the best fruit.
  • Anders and Ella now start with more supplies (60 potatoes, 6 tools and 2 coats).

Version 4.3

  • Historical water mill to build at a small stream and to produce flour or linseed oil.
  • New start conditions for different play styles.
  • Changed classification of coal (only fuel) and charcoal (material).
  • Adapted tailor, hardware store and storages of the Colonial Houses (Kid/Nomad).
  • Some improvements of the user interface.

Version 4.2

  • Fixed bakery bug (could not store salt).
  • A fenceless sheep pasture included.

Version 4.1

This small update completes version 4 with models for the new crop types, balancing changes and a few bug fixes as well as a couple of newly integrated mod objects by Discrepancy, Kid/Nomad and Embx61. It is not save compatible to version 4.0.

  • Barley and Rye included as typical Nordic crops.
  • Linseed and Linseed Oil included.
  • Increased maximum production of the clay pits.
  • Increased required work time in clay pits, quarry and mine.
  • Clay price increased to 6-8.
  • Charcoal pile now without initial firewood.
  • Production in the brewery lowered and maximum workers increased to 2.
  • Snaps price increased to 6.
  • Separate profession for reindeer herders and reordered profession list.
  • Slightly increased death chance for workers in the Nordic wilderness.
  • Debug options disabled.
  • Fixed icons and town hall interface.
  • Integrated DS Small Village Tailor and Food Trader.
  • Integrated Small Town Food Trader.
  • Integrated Oil Press.