Banished Ventures

Mission: Crash-Landing


Two test pilots got caught in a snowstorm and crashed somewhere in the northern mountains! Fortunately, they survived but it is terribly cold and they have no equipment or food supply. We know of an abandoned mining outpost in this area. When they reach the dock there, we can send a rescue team.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep them alive and to repair the dock at the near river. A boat will arrive to take our pilots back home. If you succeed, write down the code given by the rescuer to complete the mission on this page.

To start this mission, download the zip file below and move the CrashLanding.sav to your save games in Documents\Banished\Save. Make sure you have the latest version of the North in your mod folder and then load the map called “No Mans Land”. Good luck!

Mission Area: No Mans Land  (Map Preview)
Local Climate: Harsh
Required Mods:     North 7.1.2 or higher
Starring: Nilla, Vrayna, Smyrphy

P.S. You can add other mods but for the real challenge, play without. And please don’t spoil the code. :)


Crash-Landing (2.0 MB)
The save game to start this Banished mission.

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Nice little challenge, tnx!
It only took twenty years, population 6 :)


Thanks for this great scenario! It has cost me 15 saves to complete this ( and some time).
What a great feeling and a learning of the real essential things in the North !


I wanted to give “ironman” a try but somehow it doesn´t work on this mission. You can activate it and if you look at the mod list, it looks like you´re playing ironman but you don´t!

I got suspicous after some time; the start should have been harder with ironman so I looked a bit closer and indeed; they only eat the normal 100 food/year. And when you look at the map setting it says that ironman is off. So indeed; it´s a mission impossible in its true words. ;)

Please Tom, if you have a little time and want to make a harder version of this mission; activate the “Ironman” and take away the bog iron. I think it´s possible but very difficult to move to the abandoned mine and get the needed iron from there. It would be a really tough challenge.

I just see that you can´t post pictures on this thread but I will post a screenshot with the menus on forum site.


    To be honest I never tried ironman on any map…..
    Decided to go for the “ultimate challenge” a.k.a. Small map with Mountains, disasters, harsh climate, survivors and ironman mode (after succesfully doing this without ironman)
    The only problem is that for some reason the ironman mod conflicts with north 7.1.2 mod and ironman mode just doesn’t work at all :'(

    Did anyone else have similar problems and maybe a possible solution?

    Also when I look at map details it always says ironman is off.


    I made the same mistake, Arjen; look at the forum site where Tom explained that Ironman must be loaded above the North. That the mods show red doesn´t mean conflict, the game is here a bit misleading. Red only means that the mods have some common resources but usually they are good playable together.

    By the way; I made the mission in Ironman mode, as I said; not much more difficuklt than the normal version, after you´ve managed the critical start. It took a bit longer because they needed to spend more time gathering food and I made the unneccassary detour of making iron from the mine, just to see if it was possible, that took even more time but finally it worked.


    Nice! congratulations on the mission!

    Also thanks a lot for the advice. Putting ironman mod on top did the trick perfectly :)


I really loved playing this mission, thank you very much!
Are you planning to make more missions like this one?
Sure hope so!!!!

Also, did anyone try/succeed this in ironman mode?

     Tom Sawyer

    Nice that you liked it. I had more ideas for such maps or missions and this one was actually just a test. Maybe with a next update.


    I haven’t tried it in Ironman but I don’t think that would be so much more difficult. Just support 2 peeps with a double ration of food isn’t that hard. The difficulty with Ironman is to support a growing community with a lot of children.


    Maybe you’re a more hardened player than I am, since even without ironman mode I found this really challenging!

    So anyone who does succeed on ironman mode has my utmost respect regardless of what Nilla says about the difficulty ;)


Thank you, this was fun!


I have one question; not necessarily to the mission but to that special game: What have you done with Vrayna and me before we entered the story? We never got more than 2 stars no matter what. Normally that only happens by very bad things. Don´t say that it was post-traumatic stress after the plane crash. ;) I don´t think the happiness system considers that. My guess is that you´ve killed our families in the most brutal way. No wonder we don´t want to return to the word.

     Tom Sawyer

    Hm.. technically there were also two guys on the map, that might explain it. But I don’t remember what happened to them. ;)


Nice little mission. Now, Smurphy didn´t really save us. The outside world is so full of hazards like viruses and crazy politicians, so we decided to stay. ;) A lot of people have joined us and our village now have a population of 50. And Smurphy is the most persistant person I´ve ever heard of, he comes several times each year, always begging us to be saved but we haven´t changed our minds.

     Tom Sawyer

    Haha yes, I guess he won’t give up on saving you. Not even in 1000 years. =)


I liked playing this one, thanks

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