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The North

The North is an expansion for the city building and survival game Banished. It includes a new landscape with realistic climate and sun pitches, Nordic ambient sounds, wild animals and resources, a whole set of buildings in old Nordic style, new production chains, a reworked trading system and many small changes to create a new game experience for banished people. It also offers start conditions for different play styles and levels of difficulty from easy to very challenging. A focus is on realism and survival.

DOWNLOAD (99 MB) – May 23, 2018

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To install this mod, copy the pkm file to your Banished windata directory. If you purchased the game on Steam, it is located in Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished.

Start Banished and open your mod list. Enable the North and place it on top to adapt buildings and resources of recommended mods to the Nordic economy. Red markings only point to overwritten files and do not mean a real conflict in this case. After changing your mod list please always exit and restart Banished to clean up the game from disabled mods. It avoids crashes when auto saving or quitting later.

The North is changing the whole game and cannot work properly with other main mods. They overwrite each other and it will not be a consistent result. It is recommended to play the Nordic scenario standalone or together with compatible mods.

This mod requires Banished 1.0.7. If you still use an older version of the game please update first.


You can optionally use these add-ons and translations. They are separate mod file and have to be copied into your windata folder as well. Translations always have to be placed above the main mod to overwrite strings and textures. They also can be enabled/disabled in a running game to switch between languages.

Norseman – Tough people from the North (real time aging mod)

NewCrops.pkm (11 KB) – Crops from the New World to expand farming, last updated: May 14, 2018. (2.7 MB) – German translation, last updated: May 23, 2018 (2.8 MB) – French translation, last updated: June 23, 2018 (2.9 MB) – Russian translation, last updated: May 23, 2018


Compatible Mods  ·  Changelog

56 comments on “THE NORTH”

Athena Artiste  Athena Artiste

I don’t know if you’ve looked at my channel as I started a play-thru using the North:

Trouble started when it came time to build the Mine as, although I could see they were bringing in wood nothing was happening. At first I thought I’d have to do a bit of a rewind to switch to a different sort of mine. One of my viewers commented that they needed Lamp oil too. So, I tested that out and it did fix things! This is not mentioned in the tooltip, so I thought I’d mention that aspect of things. Very enjoyable mod, BTW, as I like playing under difficult conditions!

     Tom Sawyer

    Hello Athena! Thank you for your hint about lamp oil, I have fixed the mine description for next update. Watching your videos, one thing I see is that your ore output is broken by one of these tool mods. They contain iron ore and overwrite values. Normally iron ore has an output of 15 from a spot or per mining turn. These mods reset it to the vanilla output of 1-2 and its the reason for your kind of tool crisis. I suggest to move the tool mods below the North.

brian  brian

Hi Tom,
I have started a new adventure with your new update. I have run into an issue with the smiths workshop. The blacksmith loads bloom into the workshop, to make iron, then bloom snaps back to the stockpile next to the workshop. Blacksmith collects bloom again from stockpile, delivers to workshop, bloom returns to stockpile. Charcoal and logs load into the smith workshop, but the bloom will not stay. Any ideas?

    brian  brian

    I read your other post about this issue. I rebuilt smithy and bloom now loads as inventory. Well done Tom, thanks.


Hi Tom,

Would love to try out this mod, but am running into an issue. I have Banished 1.0.7 beta, fresh with no additional mods. When I load the game, it loads fine. I can start the new quest, but after about 2 mins, it crashes and freezes my entire computer. Any suggestions?

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi! First, the current version of Banished is out of beta and should load as final 1.0.7. Your crash seems to happen when autosaving after a few minutes. The only known cause is an inconsistent mod list and usually can be fixed by a complete restart of the game after disabling other mods. You can try this but if you don’t have any other mods in your list then it’s unclear. Let me know if you get it to work now.



    Updated Banished to 1.0.7 final, and I no longer have any issues. Thank you for the heads up, I appreciate it. The mod is simply spectacular!


Добрейшего, установил ваш мод от 26.12.2017 + русификатор от 25.12.2017 игра вылетает с ошибкой “fatal access violation” при наведении на один из значков постройки дома.

     Tom Sawyer

    Здравствуйте! Если проблема наблюдается при наведении курсора на 5-ый дом слева, то дело в несоответствии версии игры. Для корректной работы The North требуется версия 1.0.7. Если по каким-то причинам у Вас не обновилась игра, обратитесь в службу поддержки платформы, на которой игра приобреталась.


Hello Tom. This is not a mod for me a new game.I am looking forward to the north 7.Thank you so much.

brian  brian

Hi Tom, question for you. I see that
HelDM Gaming, who is playing your mod, is offered 400 per gold by traders at the trading dock. In my current playthrough, the value of gold is 1600 at the trading dock. Would you have any thoughts as to why the difference in value?

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi Brian, you don’t have the latest version. There was an early release before I uploaded to Steam on 24.12.. Gold and silver got a splitting for better trading and some bug fixes were included. I did not communicate this well here. Please download again for a new map.

    brian  brian

    Ah, I see. The version I have is dated 23/12. One day off, go figure. I’ll download the more current version. I sure do like the 1600 value tho ;). Thanks much Tom.

brian  brian

Whats up with the leatherer?

     Tom Sawyer

    The leatherer will get his own workplace, a tannery. For now the profession is in game for compatible mods like EB Leatherworker. It’s a bit confusing in the current version.

    brian  brian

    sounds good, Thanks Tom


Hi Tom! Really enjoying the game but I’m having a problem with the basic blacksmith building. Despite having plenty of materials it won’t make any tools claiming that it there are no supplies available for the creation of tools. Again there are huge stockpiles of all the required resources both in storage and at the blacksmiths hut. Any clue how to go about fixing that? If it helps, this is the only mod I’m running so there shouldn’t be any overlap bug. Thanks!

     Tom Sawyer

    Maybe you missed a step in this chain. First step is making bloom from ore and next is forging it to iron. Tools can be made then from iron + wood and always charcoal is needed as fuel. If it’s not solved you can send me a screenshot.


Hi Tom, just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed playing the North. I’m fairly new to Banished, and was hesitant to try this, but after reading Nilla’s great blog on WOB, I downloaded and started playing yesterday. After a few unsuccessful tries I’ve got a small, fairly strong settlement going and I’m really enjoying your little corner of Banished. Really great job. I look forward to any and all updates and future versions.

brian  brian

This is a fun mod to play. Your really onto something here. The models are very pleasing. The early need for glass has been a fun challenge. My last play through, out of the first 20 traders, 18 were merchants with coin. It took a long time to get glass, hence my village was all stone huts and log cabins for a long time. It looked good. Smelting and minting coin would be fun. Expanded fishing would be fun too, herring boats and such. A way to pickle food would be a cool profession. Do you think there would be any conflicts with the viking storage vault, the one in the mega mod? Thanks for producing this “humble” project.

     Tom Sawyer

    Thank you for your feedback! Some people rather scold about this kind of challenge with bricks and glass. This storage vault is made by Discrepancy and can be loaded with his storage mod. It should work without big issues. It actually looks like what the Vikings built when they settled in Iceland and America. Made from turf because of the lack of wood. Not as storage but to live in it. ;D


    I agree with Brian about expanding fishing. Having a wider variety of seafood would be great! It is something I have been missing from North 5. I like the option to crawfish that is currently available in game, but it produces a very small amount of fish and its cumbersome to use in mid to late game because it produces only 36 crawfish at a time. I feel like my Bannies are putting in lots of work to get the fish, but aren’t getting much out of it. And I always have to build a bridge before I can crawfish because the people will walk across the fishing spot and get stuck on the wrong side of the stream. I’ve tried removing and replacing the crawfishing spot (facing the opposite direction) but that doesn’t help. For some reason once they are stuck they won’t walk back across the fishing spot even if they technically should be able to; they insist on having a bridge. It would be nice if they would not use the crawfishing spot as a makeshift bridge-of-death.

    I like that glass is hard to come by in early game, if forces me to plan my towns more thoroughly so I don’t end up with funky looking corners or something.

     Tom Sawyer

    I noticed that people are missing salmon and trout from version 5. I unified them for gameplay reasons but it might be better to get them back for the Nordic atmosphere.

    Crawfishing is thought as a micromanaging way of food gathering in early game and as an option for survival without tools. They get up to 60 food from one spot. 36 it was in an older version. This bug of using the spot to cross the stream was fixed in the last update from 25. December. I guess you don’t have the latest version, Lilly.


    Thank you for your quick response! I will install the new version. I thought I had the latest update. Somehow I got my dates mixed up. I downloaded it after Christmas (for me), but I guess I downloaded an older version and didn’t realize it because I don’t personally celebrate Christmas on Dec 25. My family celebrates it earlier than that. I am sure that this explains why I don’t have the newest version. I apologize for the confusion.

    Also, I’d like to point out that you seem to be very polite to the people commenting on your mods, even if they are offering criticism. I appreciate that immensely. Sometimes it can be difficult for tone to be conveyed properly through text, and I have seen a few other modders take offense at criticism, even when it was obviously meant in a constructive/positive way. I envy your ability to create these wonderful mods. I spend more hours than I care to admit to playing The North. It really sparks my imagination.

    Im finding that there are a lot of other mods that work with North 6 as well, which makes it even more fun because I can customize my gameplay experience. You suggested that I try a roads mod to help decorate my town. I tried both DS Roads and EB Roads. I prefer EB Roads because of the aesthetics, however both worked just fine for me. Current mods that Kid put out are working with North 6 as well.


Hello. I have an issue with my iron. I have plenty of iron ore, plenty of charcoal, and plenty of iron bloom, but my blacksmith won’t create any more iron because it thinks it hit the resource limit. The problem is I don’t have any iron in any of my storage. In the resource panel, it says I have over 40 iron but I can’t find it anywhere and when I try to assign the blacksmith to make tools, he doesn’t have enough resources. I’m assuming this is a bug and the game thinks I have iron that I don’t. Is there a way I can get around this?

     Tom Sawyer

    Hello, I would like to see a screenshot with open UI of blacksmith and limits to check this issue. You can send me to please.


Hi Tom,

I noticed on your compatible mods list that Minibuildings & EB Herbalist are missing a link.
Is that because they are no longer compatible with the 1.07 version of The North?


I love your mods, but I’ve discovered two major bugs in my latest games, using the North 6 mod.

-When I produce clothing in either the Workplace or the Campfire, the building doesn’t list the Clothes limit, but rather the Food limit.

In my latest game, one Workplace that was making Winter Coats stopped due to having reached the Clothes limit, which I had no control over. So I tried using the trader to pick up some Parkas, to minimise the total of clothes in my village. The workplace that had been making Wintercoats from wool and leather now suddenly had an inventory of -6 leather.

That’s a negative number! And now I can’t do anything with that workplace, it doesn’t produce anything, and switching to a different kind of product doesn’t help and I can’t even demolish the building.

-This might be a bug you’ve already fixed, because it happened before I updated to the 15th of December version of your mod. In this case the game simply crashed when I tried to build the Forester’s Home. It happened twice.

     Tom Sawyer

    Thanks for your report! Both bugs are solved in current download. Updating your running game might not work. At least you will have to rebuild these workplaces. To increase the clothes limit you always can use the limits overview from the Reports Toolbar.


Скачал последние изменение.Когда навожу курсором на некоторые иконки вылетает.А так мод просто супер,очень нравится!

     Lucy Bextor

    Здравствуйте! Укажите, пожалуйста, какие у Вас моды установлены и на какие иконки наводите?


    У меня установлен только ваш мод.Вылетает когда навожу на иконку большого амбара и 5 иконку дома.И ещё когда я вам пишу некоторые слова заменяются на другие.


    И ещё на иконку большой церкви.

     Lucy Bextor

    Я, к сожалению, не смогла поймать этот баг. Проверьте ещё раз, чтобы версия игры у Вас была 1.0.7, мод The North – 6 версии, а русификатор не стоял (пока ещё не обновлён до следующий версии и возможны ошибки). И когда ставите мод, обязательно перезаходите в игру. Если не поможет, то можете сбросить сохранении мне на почту:


Hi Tom I’m having some difficulty downloading The North – at the speed it’s coming it’ll take over 6 hrs! My computer is currently downloading other stuff at 400-1000kb/sec, depending on the site. Is there somewhere else to download it – eg Google?

This looks marvellous, can’t wait to try it out!


It is beautiful!


when will version 6 be available?
Thank you for your very nice mod. Good work.

     Tom Sawyer

    Thanks for asking. I’m testing the beta version. So it will be next days.


heya tom. is there a reason why you blocked debug? can it be added or you just don’t want it to be?

     Tom Sawyer

    Yes, disabling debug options is intended. As developer tool it’s handy to test new stuff technically but it’s not a part of the finished game. I also want to keep all citybuilding and survival aspects of Banished at least in the Nordic main mod. All separated models can be used for testing or debugging.


Why do i have deers in my game even though I should have reindeers? I cant do anything from deer leather other than sell it.

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi Samu, I guess you have another mod on top which overwrites deer. Please try the north mod standalone to see if it works properly.


    No, I dont have any other mods. I chose lakeland, medium and mild. Haven’t yet tried if those effect that.


    Im using 1.0.7 beta, does that have some effect to it?

     Tom Sawyer

    1.0.7 beta is ok. From reindeer you get deer hides and you can turn it into parkas by a leatherworker or tailor.


    oh, thanks for clarifying that, I thought it should be reindeer leather.

 Magnus Andersson

I have problem finding a spot to place the Crayfish location. Can someone please tell how to?

     Tom Sawyer

    Crayfishing needs a suitable spot in a small creek. It doesn’t work in the main river. Just try on your map and rotate a bit (R-key). :)

rkc078  rkc078 (63.8 MB) И TheNorthRU.pkm (3.6 MB) конфликтуют между собой
Как с этим бороться

 Adam Surdek

Hi Tom, unfortunately your solution doesn’t seem to work. I enable mods i want, change mod list etc., then restart game and still game crashes. Any ideas?

PS. game runs normally when i enable only compatible mods.
I am using 1.07 version of the game.

     Tom Sawyer

    Then it is probably caused by these incompatible mods. You can run the North with 1.0.7 beta of Banished but if you add mods using beta features, there will be problems and even crashes. I hope Banished will be out of beta soon.

 Darran White

It seems that the majority of the recommended mods are not compatible with “The North”, and I’m not able to get a bakery because of this. I have attempted to start a game with them activated despite the incompatibility warning, making sure the North mod was on top, and my game crashes about 10 minutes in every time. Suggestions?

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi Darran, please always exit and restart Banished after changing your mod list. It avoids such crashes. The red markings only point to overwriten files and are not a problem.


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