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Compatibility List

On this page you find mods of other authors which are tested and known as compatible with the North. For download you need an account on World of Banished or Black Liquid website. All these mods should be placed below the North to work properly. Many of them are partly overwritten by the North which creates red warnings in your mod list but it does not mean a problem in this case.

Highly Recommended

DS Wagon Vendor by Discrepancy  – Very well done and handy markets for early game.
DS Townhouses by Discrepancy – Original housing set from Bergen / Norway.
EB Windmill by embx61 – The Great Copenhagen Windmill for Banished – a Nordic original.
Small Town Rowhouses by Kid/Nomad – Nice housing for dense Nordic towns.

Stone Bridge by MrFlopsy – “Wider and cooler”. Standard add-on.
Natural Diversity Light by Bartender – Really real looking herbs and wild fruits.

More Compatible Mods

Medieval Houses by Despo – Marvelous looking houses including storage extensions.
Minibuildings by BlackLiquid – The good old mini buildings. Great for early game and survival.

DS Decorations by Discrepancy – Various items to decorate your town.
DS Thompson Trade Merchants – Special trading post for vegetarians. Makes sense in the North.
Chapel of St. Ernest by Discrepancy – Another great looking chapel for banished people.
Hazel Tree – Nut trees for orchards suitable for cold climate.

NMT Little Housing by Red Ketchup – Nice houses in many nice colors.
Old Bakery by Red Ketchup – Bakery with a residence for the bakers family and including mills.
Old Blacksmith by Red Ketchup – Blacksmith shop with a residence upstairs.
Old Tailor House by Red Ketchup – Tailor shop with a residence upstairs.
Old Hunter Hut by Red Ketchup – Vanilla style hunting lodge with a residence.

Wind Sawmill by Kid/Nomad – Faster firewood from Sweden.
Forest Outpost by Kid/Nomad – Nice set of small workplaces out in the woods.
Nordic Houses by Kid/Nomad – Red wooden houses from the North.
Swamp Houses by Kid/Nomad – Rustic houses matching the Nordic style.
More Houses by Kid/Nomad – even more houses.

EB Bakery by embx61 – A high detailed bakery.
EB Saltworks by embx61 – You don’t like salt to be an import only? Try this.
EB Leatherworks by embx61 – To process hides and furs.
EB Herbalist by embx61 – A herbalist in EB style.
EB Farmhouses by embx61 – Very nice farmhouses.
EB Storage Shed by embx61 – Another small storage.
EB Farmstand by embx61 – Small food market for Vikings.
EB Apothecary by embx61 – Working like a herbalist.
EB Oil Press by embx61 – Makes linseed oil in the North.
EB Church by embx61 – A nice looking church. Doesn’t attract nomads.
EB Bridges by embx61 – More wooden bridges.
EB Fences by embx61 – Some colorful fences.



Hello Tom Sawyer!

Great mod, I’ve been enjoying it for a few days now!
I do wonder what it is required to make other mods compatible with yours? Would it suffice to overwrite the resource requirements or is there something more intricate going on behind the scenes?

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    It is basically overwriting files, yes. Not really complicated but quite some effort with bigger mods and easily bloating the project. In most cases it needs overwriting resources and buildings. You have a certain mod in mind?


    Basically I meant to overwrite the resource requirements of a few of Discrepancy’s mods that still use the “old resources”. I did mod a few CC buildings a few years ago, and I saw someone meant to re-balance all of CC on WoB a while ago, but as is it known most non-dedicated modders stop before they even start. :)
    I was just dreaming of writing a python script that can parse the semi-garbled pkm files, extract the names of the buildings and their resource requirements for editing and then auto-generates rsc files for the modkit’s batch processing.
    As that would require quite some dedication and skill, I’ll stick to adding a few fittings and window panes here and there. :)

    As you are a long-term modder, do you maybe have any idea if anyone has ever figured out how the pkm files are being compiled? It cannot be impossible to do, but I did not wisen up after having stared at a few files in a hexeditor for an hour. Banished is such a diamond in the rough. But alas, it stopped with 1.07.
    I’m getting carried away. :) Thanks!


    Another small thing: Smokehouses are operated by “farmers”… as I tend to turn them all into laborers in the winter it requires a lot of micromanagement with all the fields I have to keep the smokehouses running. Wouldn’t it be preferable to either assign them to being “hunters” or to their very own profession?

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    That’s an interesting idea but I doubt it is worth the effort. At least, before trying to decompile mods, I would just ask the modder for their source files. I used to exchange files with DS for compatibility but I don’t have his latest versions.

    The bigger problem in my opinion is anyway not getting the source but having a mass of additional files to be packed into the mod, loaded when starting a game, maintained when updating and if not included but as external patch then having to maintain a big part of the main mod parallel. Another issue with making mods compatible is if they contain things that are not matching at all or following a very different idea. This all I meant with bloating the project.

    With the smokehouse the idea was to support saisonal winter work of farmers this way and to avoid overcrowded profession lists but I see your point. A solution might be the smokehouse worked by a dedicated smoker profession and the small shed by a farmer. So players have different options. The first version of the smoking shed was worked by a fisher which was actually nice but I changed it since all kinds of meat are procesed there too.


DS Jetty and Bridge had a patch for North 6 but not for 7. Do you know if it’ll work with North 7 without any patching?
Also thanks for your mods. Looking forward to the updated compatibility list, love using other mods together with North.

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    North 7 has all patch files for Jetty and Bridge still inside and updated but it’s not very well tested yet. In my test I saw only some UI issues with too long titles but no real problems. Will have to go through all items of his newest version.


Are these still working with North 7?

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    Yes they are all still supported but there may be issues with some of them and I have to fix it. A known bug is at town hall of the Mini Buildings. I will also update this page soon.

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