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Update – North 7 “Vikings”

Banished Vikings

Two years since the latest major update of this Banished modding project but finally it’s done. You can now download and play North 7. This update has its focus on old Nordic style from Viking era and expands especially the early stage of a game. But it also fills gaps in building set beyond medieval and polishes many other aspects of the mod. For a first glance on new buildings, resources and gameplay changes, just scroll down.

Many thanks go to all people who participated on the beta test last month. Especially to Nilla, Vrayna and Smurph for intensive testing, reporting bugs and balancing issues as well as giving inspiration for a couple of more items. And a special thanks to the Nordic fashion designer known as just “1” for pretty citizen skins that are now included.

Before starting a new town, please read a few notes for handling this mod version: The pkm file does not overwrite North 6, so you can keep the old version in your mod folder and continue games but you should disable it when you start a new map with version 7. The Norseman citizen mod is now included and not necessary as add-on anymore. This also means, real time aging is now default in the North. If you are not happy with it, you can download the new Speed Aging mod on top, to set it back to vanilla speed. I suggest you to give the default setting a try since the whole mod is balanced around it and you can grow your settlement by immigration from the beginning.

Now let’s start a new venture and leave talks for later.. whenever you like in forums.

New Buildings

That’s new in the North waiting for you to be built. For details please check out wiki pages linked from here. The Wiki on this site is an ongoing project of its own and needs to be expanded and polished in future. Old entries still showing North6 values will be updated next days.

Turf House
To build up settlements under tough conditions.
Frame House
For dense and prosperous Viking towns.
Pit House
Small and cheap but efficient storage buildings.
Two-story building for even more efficient storage.
Special storage building with a passageway.
Big Dock
With a large storehouse for ambitious traders.
Export Dock
Where goods are shipped to other Banished towns.
Fording to cross shallow streams.
The Vikings place to meet and to decide about things.
Mead Hall
Most important building. For drinking and feasting.
Wooden Idol
of one of the old gods.
To become a famous and growing Viking center.
Healers Hut
For consuming healing herbs in the old days.
To finally replace the vanilla hospital.
To preserve all the meat and fish of your town.
Managed storage for grain to support mills.
For flour and power generation.
Pottery Kiln
To make the finest pots in the whole Banished world.
Breaking boulders and cutting stones.
Tar Kiln
The Nordic black liquid
for building and trading.
Weavers Hut
For weaving the best linen from flax fibers.
Tailor Shop
To make true Viking style clothing.
Turf House
Wattle Fence
New fences made in old techniques.
Paddock fence
Paddock Fence
To fence in livestock in a suitable style.

Also, existing buildings were reworked and optimized. You will notice new models of small and big barn for example. All models got new AO maps which now simulate a hemispheric light that is actually not calculated in Banished. New outline meshes reduce geometries to be loaded in game for better performance. Many buildings also got improved textures, more building stages or other small things for a better look and feel.

New Resources and Productions

And here what’s waiting for you to be crafted, consumed or traded away for gold and silver.

  • Boulders scattered on the ground and used to build special things.
  • Ashlar as advanced material for stone masonry made from rubble stones.
  • Wadmal, the old Nordic woolen cloth made of raw wool.
  • Sheepskins can now be turned into leather to make your people self-sustainable.
  • Flax and Linen production is now also available in the North.
  • Linen Tunic and Wool Tunic as new but simple Viking clothes.
  • Winter Clothes combined from tunics with additional material for cloak and boots.
  • Hide Capes in fair quality replace the warm parka crafted at campfires.
  • Animal Fat is now dropped by cows, sheep and deer, rendered to Tallow.
  • Linseed and Linseed Oil as healthy by-product of linen production.
  • Millstones are now necessary in wind and water mills. Stonemasons can make some.
  • Pottery not only for trading but as a requirement in homes and certain production buildings.
  • Iron Fittings as building material forged from Iron Bars, compatible with DS Mods.
  • Anvils needed for efficient forging in advanced Blacksmith Shops.
  • Tar production is now included, used for roofings and everything built in water.
  • Ropes for modern wells and where else they are needed.
  • Potash as a necessary supply of glassmaking which makes this material more expensiv.

The whole set of resources was re-calculated in terms of output, trade values and used storage. And some models of natural resources and raw materials are remade.

Gameplay and Balancing Changes

Last but not least an overview of changes that are important to know, especially if you try the North under harder conditions or even with Ironman On.

  • New starting condition “Seafarer” to arrive in a new land far west, the Iceland scenario.
  • New starting condition “Nomads” for players who like to grow a town faster also in real time.
  • Citizen skins for banished people in northern style, made in Finland.
  • Christianity now comes to the North by trade. The way to attract more people from outside.
  • New merchants coming along the Volga trade route and further North from Sami people.
  • Imports are now more dedicated to different regions like wine from Francia for example.
  • Fire is now easier to take out with wells but more buildings can cause fire.
  • Tiled roofings now reduce risk on fire while thatched roofs and wooden shingles are less proof.
  • Hunting Cabins don’t store meat anymore to avoid an unbalanced diet in secluded homes.
  • The number of reindeer herds was reduced.
  • In addition, the output of meat is reduced by 20% to nerf incoming protein.
  • Milk output was increased to make cows more to a dairy livestock.
  • Nuts now count as grain to balance food categories.
  • Markets and Village Shop are now more focused on food and don’t store many raw materials.
  • Crayfishing now has a randomized yield performed by gatherers auto-pulled from shelters.
  • Removed wrong spawning wild fruits and herbs at the beginning of a game.
  • Tallow replaces Lamp Oil used in mines and tunnels.
  • Clay Spots can’t be abused for endless clay anymore but filled up to overbuild them.
  • Iron Tools and Steel Tools got +100% durability to balance expensive iron processing.
  • Building materials were re-calculated by model surfaces for more realistic and consistent costs.
  • Glass Panes were added to all buildings with windows moving them to midgame.
  • Used storage of food now differs by nutritional value.
  • “Tunneling” of natural resources making people able to cross map tiles with ore, stones etc.
  • Banished people start with a couple of iron bars to forge important items early on.
  • Herbs are now more efficient keeping up health over 3 months.

Many more small changes were done that affect balancing, visuals and user interface. You will notice them in game and hopefully like it.



Maybe I’m wildly out of line here and missed something.
It’s a viking mod.
With a picture of a longboat.
With a download described as “lets go viking!”
How does one actually send your viking citizens to vike/raid/go-viking.
If the people don’t raid/vike how are they vikings?
Just like if the people don’t privateer/pirate-ships, then how are they pirates.

     Tom Sawyer

    That’s right, if to see vikings in the narrower sense as raiders. But they were also farmers, traders and explorers. This update to version 7 was (not all too seriously) called “Vikings” because it adds buildings from the Viking Age. Of course it’s still Banished and the mod has a general Nordic theme. The picture teasers the Seafarer starting condition were you can settle in a new land. At least I did not use one with roaring, horn helmeted warriors jumping off a longship and ready to hack everything into pieces. =)


    If there is no one going viking then it’s iron age Scandinavian not viking.
    You have to vike to raid to be a viking.
    Like you have to engage in banditry to be a bandit.
    Like you have to go to war to be a warrior.
    These words come from somewhere, you’re leaving out the defining characteristic of that time, that belief in the Asgardian gods was being attacked by Christianity so the people who couldn’t trade goods by land, further east struck out against Christianity on the islands to the west.
    It brings a sense of purpose to the times. If your people are strong enough that they can survive the winters with able bodies to spare then they aught to be earning the respect of their people, earning a place of leadership, earning a wife in those times by striking out against those who seek to starve us into believing in one god over all the others.
    The act of viking was worth dying for to these people at this time.
    It’s the end goal of viking era communities.
    To raid against the real bastards across the sea, and bring home something worth the trip, and get our people to stop infighting, so we can build a strong enough community to face the warriors and silver tongues of this christian threat.

    There should be an option to vike.

     Tom Sawyer

    I think they were rather pragmatic and more keen on silver or farmland than on religious war. But I fully agree that there should be an option to raid. If only it could be done in a reasonable way by modding.


    I have to add something to the definition of “Viking”. I´m no historian but as I´ve said, lately I´ve read a lot of books and articles about this period of time, and one of these articles discussed in a rather scientific way the meaning of the word “Viking” and how it is used today and what is the correct way of using it; just a bit like you do Atzu.

    You are right to the time of the Vikings the word go viking meant raiding with a ship. A farmer like the people in my Viking story would probably have challenged you if you had called him a Viking. And the verb “to viking” still ought to have this meaning. But if we´re talking about this period of time; “Scandinavian late Iron Age” it´s also correct, easier, and more understandable to call it the Viking era.

    Like Tom, I´m also convinced that other reasons than religion made the people go viking. In fact there were also Christion Vikings. In my neighborhood they´ve dug out a farm from ~900 with Christian graves, a chapel, and a treasure that seems to be a part of the last “Danagäld”; (ransom paid by the English king to prevent viking raids). It was paid at the beginning of 1000, when the Scandinavian countries were at least officially Christian. And even if these people actually didn´t viking that time, they would have if they hadn´t got all that silver.

    But of course, I would also like to see a real Viking ship in Bansihed and even more a trading ship from the Viking period.


This work is so beautiful.

In 7.0, I encountered an issue the other day when attempting to purchase chestnuts. It did not appear in my availability menu on either fields or orchards. I was able to get most of the other plants and trees. Something specific about chestnuts, I guess.

     Tom Sawyer

    Yes, that’s a bug in 7.0. Merchants sometimes bring chestnut seeds which do not grow in the North and are a bad investment if you buy it. It will be removed from merchants in 7.1..


    I’m glad it’s a known thing.


TomSawyer .why I can’t download this version, I am asking you so that I can show it to me – all new bets, because I would like to test them too – I like playing The North very much – I love Vikings – anyway, as you remember – I wrote a lot about them in the forum – I have time limited because I am currently moving to another place of residence and I do not know if I will have the Internet – Please – Greetings
Early Access? (146.1 MB) – March 4, 2020, (2.5 MB) (2.1 MB), (1.2 MB)

     Tom Sawyer

    That’s very much work in progress yet. Release of North 7.1 is probably on March 21.


Thank you very very much for your hard work
it’s like a brand new game
you know exactly what to put in the game to make it rich
thanks again


So what’s the plan from here, more small updates to version 7 or hopping right over to version 8? I’m excited either way.

     Tom Sawyer

    Next step is a small update to version 7 with a couple of new items and adjustments that improve gameplay. After that we will see where the wind takes us, or so. =)


    Awesome, I look forward to it!


Looks amazing! I tried to find this new updated mod in the Steam workshop and couldn’t find it–it seems to be still version 6.2 over there. Is there any way this will ever come to Steam?

     Tom Sawyer

    Yes, I did not update on Steam yet and not sure about it. I found it not really suitable for maintaining mods, with auto-updates that crash people’s save games and other issues. For now it’s here available for simply downloading and moving to mod folder.


    Okay, thanks. Just wanted to be sure I hadn’t missed it.


Hej Tom! you did a Great Job there and gave us a very special Christmas Present! All the new Buildings look Awesome an the Changes all sound like even more Fun to me. I cant wait to get my Hands on it!
But I stll think I will have to leave my one and only old Town from North 6.2 and satrt a new one now, or ist there Compatibility?

     Tom Sawyer

    Yeah, was in time for Christmas. :)
    Your old town I would not try to play further with version 7. Too much has changed.


*cheers wildly*


YAY!! Thank you!

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