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Norse Temple

Banished Norse TempleThis temple is a masterpiece of old Nordic architecture and will be a landmark of your region. The high building costs make it a real achievement but for a big settlement it is worth the effort. The temple covers the whole map with spirit as long as a sacrificing feast is celebrated and it provides a place for up to 1,000 pagans.

Size: 11 x 11 tile
Building costs: 300 Logs, 90 Ashlar, 25 Tar, 20 Fittings
Building time: 460
Risk on fire: None but can catch fire from near houses
Workplace: 1 priest
Provided Happiness: Spirit while sacrificing
Radius: 500 tiles
Capacity: 1,000 pagans

Last edited on 29 April 2020



Hey, I’ve finally built the temple but cant figure out how the priest will get a sheep or cattle for sacrifice. Both are available in pastures close by. Am I doing something wrong?

     Tom Sawyer

    I think it was done by a simple workaround consuming mutton or beef in the temple. Also firewood is needed. So the priests carry this to the temple and as long as both meat and firewood is stored, it provides happiness:spirit for the whole map.


    Thanks for the fast response! I just recognized there was beef in the temple after some time. Guess my villagers before just processed and ate it faster than the temple/priest could gather it. Time to have another pasture, I guess.

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