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Turf House

Banished Turf HouseThe Viking Turf Houses are primitive dwellings mainly built of sod and soil of the near area. They have their advantages especially in early game and in situations where wood is rare. Drawback of a turf house is its penalty on happiness caused by the dark and smoky conditions inside. The next house type with better conditions but higher building costs is the Log Cabin.

Size: 5 x 4 tiles
Building materials:     18 Logs, 18 Stones, 36 Turf
Building time: 72
Capacity: A family of up to 5 people
Energy efficiency: 70%
Risk on fire: High
Happiness: Detraction for inhabitants
Upgrade to: Log Cabin

Related buildings: Turf-Storehouse

Last edited on 5 January 2021



Whait, the bulding costs turf? Ingame the building only costs wood and stone, is that intentional?

I downloaded The North v7 3 days ago, so the mistake might be recent


    Read my comment and his response below yours, he explains. The short of it is, Tom at this time uses Turf as an imaginary resource when designing things, it’s not in the game.


    yeah, mistook turf with tar, sorry my bad.


    Ha, no prob.


I see you have Turf listed here now as one of the resources used in construction, is turf becoming a real resource rather than imaginary in the next update? Could be cool to see the Goahti and Healer’s Hut use it as well.

     Tom Sawyer

    The idea is still to handle Turf imaginary but to add Peat as a new resource that is cut from bog areas and used as additional fuel. To use peat as building material would be wrong the way I’m going to add it because turf houses were actually made of piled grass sods plugged from the ground just like the sod roofs from old log cabins.


    Oh I totally got Peat and Turf mixed up. That makes sense though, I’m looking forward to these new bogs.

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