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Healer’s Hut

HealerThe small and primitive it is, the important this hut can be to keep your Vikings healthy in the old days. It is a workplace for only one worker healing people and without time to walk around for collecting herbs. In this stage of a settlement, ordinary people gather herbs themselves and then visit a healer. The more advanced building is the Herbalist Cabin for two workers.

Size: 4 x 4
Building costs: 24 Logs, 4 Stone
Building time: 28
Workers: 1 herbalist
Storage for 200 herbs

Related Buildings: Herbalist Cabin

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Good morning wonderful people!

I keep running into the same problem with this building…
I have a herbalist assigned for a small time, but suddenly people switch jobs and whatever my herbalist is assigned to it just says “picking up resources” while staying in the healer’s hut doing nothing??? The only way I found around this so far was to keep an eye on the herbalist and as soon as he switches occupation stop all work in the healer’s hut and reassign a herbalist. Anyone else experienced anything like this or know how to fix it? I’m starting to believe the herbalists eat psychoactive plants on purpose to go on spiritual journeys distracting them from being NPC’s. Free will and stuff…. gotta hate it when you just want to be an effective prick bossing your subjects around. I see now why most drugs are banned worldwide.

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    Hello and welcome! Your healers are not on drugs or maybe they are but actually just staying in the hut and waiting for customers. People visit this place to get healed (if a healer is working) and bring herbs for that. It means a bit more micromanaging in early game with herbs gathered manually and creates a reason to build the more expensive herbalist’s cabin later.

    The phrase “picking up resources” is indeed misleading and should be changed to “is working”. I will fix this.

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