Banished Ventures

Export Trading Dock

Banished Export Trading DockThe export trading dock is a special construction where ships are loaded with goods destined for other towns. The multi-story warehouse provides big storage capacity with low land consumption. This dock attracts merchants with a higher purchase power only coming to your town for buying demanded goods and they will offer better prices more likely. Banished trading towns use this dock for higher profits and for more efficient logistics.

Size: 5 x 8 tiles
Building costs: 120 Logs, 142 Stone, 28 Clay, 8 Iron Fittings, 7 Tar, 4 Ropes and 12 Wheelbarrows
Building time: 364
Vulnerability on fire: None, but can easily catch fire from near houses
Workplace: up to 12 traders
Storage Capacity: 24,000
Provided Happiness: None

Related Buildings: Small Dock, Big Dock

Last edited on 23 March 2020



Its only happening if i pause the building site.


When ever I try to build this building I get a fatal access violation and banished crashes.

     Tom Sawyer

    Is it if you pause the building site? That’s a known bug I thought to have fixed in beta test but it still happens sometimes. I have to figure out what’s wrong with it.

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