Banished Ventures


Banished ThingsteadThe thingstead is the first public place of a Banished Viking settlement. Here, people meet and decide about things. How to develop, what to produce or whom to allow joining the community. It is just a ring of boulders carried to this place from the surrounding area and can be build right from the start. It is the first object to attract nomads and to grow by immigration.

Size: 7 x 7 tiles
Building costs: 18 Boulders and 2 Logs
Building time: 2
Risk on fire: Doesn’t burn
Nomad attraction: 1% of population every 1 to 2 years

Related Buildings: Village Hall

Last edited on 23 February 2021



What would be the reason to build this?

     Tom Sawyer

    It’s great to get access to statistics and to attract nomads in early game. Kind of a townhall for Vikings. Will add some more helpful info here.

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