Banished Ventures

Big Trading Dock

Banished Big Trading DockThis trading dock provides a much bigger storage building than the old and small variant. It also attracts more merchants from far away which makes it more likely to acquire new technologies such as glass or brickmaking. Bigger storage capacity is also pretty useful for traders dealing with larger quantities of goods.

Size: 7 x 7 tiles
Building costs: 90 Logs, 104 Stones, 9 Iron Fittings, 5 Tar and 12 Wheelbarrows
Building time: 209
Vulnerability on fire: None, but can easily catch fire from near houses
Workplace: up to 12 traders
Storage Capacity: 16,000
Provided Happiness: Goods
Radius: 30 tiles

Trade Routes:
2 Local Merchants
1 Sami Trader
1 Merchant from Volga route
2 Merchants from England
2 Frankish Merchants
2 Hanseatic Merchants

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Last edited on 23 February 2021



Hello- I’m playing the 7.1.2 and I’ve built the bigger trading dock in two scenarios- the first time I had a small dock and normal trading, then I demolished it and put in the big dock and no more traders came, I quit that game.

The second time, I had a small dock and a large dock. The small one gets traders and the bigger one, well the traders row by and make a circle and head back out, never stopping.

I’ve quit and restarted etc. Is there possibly a bug?
I am using a game wrapper to play on a Mac, but I don’t know enough about to know if this could effect game mechanics.

Thank you so much for all of your time!!


    Yeah there’s a bug where big docks built on lakes don’t work, only on rivers. Not sure why.

     Tom Sawyer

    It’s a known problem of the big dock and also of one of the DS trading posts with a similar layout. As said, it mainly happens in certain locations of lakes rather than the river. It must be a pathing issue which we can not really debug.

    So far, you can only try to avoid it by placing it at the river or as exposed as possible in a lake. I want to make some tests with different landing points and placements but not sure if it can be solved.

     Tom Sawyer

    I found the cause and could solve it. When my current work is done, I will make a minor update. It’s a really annoying bug and should be fixed.


    Thanks for the info- I will try it on the river : )
    I had the same problem with the export trading and will try that on the river too.


Should be 5 Tar


Data does not match mod 7.0

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