Banished Ventures


Banished StabburA masterpiece of Nordic craftsmanship and a very efficient storage building. The Stabbur takes all kind of food, equipment and materials with a high storage capacity and can be built right after your people built up ironworking.

Size: 5 x 4 tiles
Building materials: 96 Logs, 40 Stone, 2 Iron Fittings
Building time: 138
Capacity: 7,500
Risk on fire: High (passive)

Related buildings: Storehouse, Loft-Storehouse

Last edited on 15 April 2023


 Dem of L

Hey there, I’ve a suggestion for the stabbur.
Could you edit the tiles bordering the sides to allow path placement? It would save a lot of space if the paths weren’t blocked. I also think that overhang is meant to allow foot traffic below?

     Tom Sawyer

    Thanks for your suggestion. If I remember right, it was so planned in the first place but other buildings could be placed too close, almost overlapping. So I removed the buildable road left and right but kept it passable by people. Will look at it again.

     Dem of L

    Sorry for the belated reply. I think one solution could be an alternative, compact model of the stabbur with a smaller roof, so that it can be built beside another building without them touching. The current model for rural use, another for urban. It would mean more work though, so I’m just spitballing the idea.

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