Banished Ventures

Mead Hall

Banished Mead HallThis hall is one of the most important buildings of your Viking town because people can drink and feast here whole night, which makes them happy. It is a large longhouse in stave construction with pretty high building costs but worth every log and shingle.

Size: 5 x 11 tiles
Building costs: 100 Logs, 42 Stone, 14 Tar, 6 Iron Fittings
Building time: 180
Vulnerability on fire: High
Provided Happiness: Entertainment
Radius: 30 tiles
Workplace: for up to 4 farmers
40 – 48 Mead from 8 Honey
40 – 48 Ale from 16 Barley
48 Roasted Mead from 40 Beef, Mutton or Venison and Firewood

Related Buildings: Ale House, Tavern

Background Info: This model was inspired by the reconstructed Viking Hall in Borre (Norway) which is part of the Midgard Viking Center.

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Thank you for providing links to find out more about the real life history. I love it! :)

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