Banished Ventures

Lillholmen with Anders and Ella

Author: Tom Sawyer – Last edited on 16 December 2019


In the northern lakelands, a young couple was banished from their village. It is not known exactly why. Maybe they were forced to marry other people and refused. Now they are lost on this little island and will die to starvation or freeze to death! However, if their will to survive is strong enough they may start a new life or even find some like-minded people to build a new settlement on the nearby mainland.

You can play this Anders and Ella scenario with real names by loading the save file below. Copy it to Documents/Banished/Save and run Banished. The North mod version 6.2 and Norseman for real time aging have to be activated in your mod list. Then you can load Lillholmen from save games to start your adventure. More mods you can add later. Thanks to Lucy Bextor for the idea how to rename citizens. :)

Scenario Setup:

Map: Lakeland (Preview)
Size: Medium
Climate: Fair
Start Condition: Anders and Ella
Disasters: On
Citizens: Norseman

Download: (4.3 MB)

Required mods: North 6.2, Norseman (both activated in your mod list)

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