Banished Ventures

Ironman (Tweak Mod)

Author: Tom Sawyer – Last edited on 27 May 2022


For extra hard conditions you can try Banished in Ironman mode. It’s a small real-time aging mod that increases the amount of required food and clothing by 100%. The setting of aging and population growth is the same as in Norseman. An Ironman game as Survivor on a Nordic harsh mountain map may be your ultimate challenge. With latest update this mod includes the reworked and now noticeable happiness system.

Citizen Properties:

– Aging in real time (one year is one year)
– Student or worker with 12 years
– Marriages with 15+
– Childbearing from 16 to 45 years
– Max age about 60 – 90 years
– Required food: 200 in a year (+100%)
– Required clothing: 1 coat every 2 years (+100%)
– Demanding (requiring alcohol and town services for full happiness)


This mod was made to keep the North challenging for experienced players. But you can use it also in Vanilla, CC or with your favored mod setting. It’s incompatible only with other citizen/aging mods. Of course, the higher difficulty also depends on the balance of combined mods.


Ironman (0.08 MB)
Standard version with real time aging.
Ironman Speed (0.08 MB)
With 5x (vanilla) speed aging.

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