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Farm, Pasture & Orchard, failure to assign workers (Steam NORTH 6.2)

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    Edit: Since joining this site, i found that version 7 has been released, and i found I’ve been using the 6.2 version, which is to find in steam – maybe my issue has been fixed in the new one? What’s holding it back from being published through the workshop in steam?

    I’ve seen this reported before, but tossed aside as a player mistake.

    There’s a problem with the new farms, that in my case, makes it impossible to have two working instances. Attached is my game save, were i experienced it. In the north is a new field, which was to test if i could hire there, as the second orchard previously there couldn’t. The second cattle herder in the west also failed to hire staff. i first thought there was a hidden need for access to road, so i moved it, and still, no herder is assigned, even thou the cattle is multiplying.

    Furthermore, there’s a crash report – maybe related, maybe not. It happened when i tried to go back to the main menu, to check if i had other mods (I did not). I’ve been able to replicate this in another game (So maybe it’s another ticket?).

    I really hope you can find time to address this issue, and thanks for a great work so far!

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Hello and welcome!

    Thank you for the save file, it helps a lot to figure out problems. In your game I just increased workers in the second pasture from 0 to 1 and one guy from the old pasture switched over. In the northern field, work was disabled (work-button to the right). I enabled work there and farmers switched over as well. There is no bug. The only thing that confused people and where questions came on Steam was the default number of workers in pastures = 0. It was meant as a feature to be able to run pastures without worker, who are only necessary to slaughter animals now and then. In North 7 it’s removed and all types of pastures start with 1 worker by default.

    The game did not crash when I went back to main menu. A common cause for such a crash is a not properly cleaned up game after changing mods. It can be avoided if you always restart Banished after any mods were disabled (to get them fully out of the game).

    Version 7 is not on Steam yet because I’m not active there and also don’t really like to maintain mods on this platform. Main problem is auto-updates crashing people’s save games and the alternative would be ending up with multiple versions of same mods and questions to be answered in many places instead of one. They should add a feature where players get notification and can manually update when starting a new map.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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