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    First, I would like to say many MANY thanks for all your hard work, this mod is (in my opinion) the best one for Banished, no doubt.

    This is a very complex mod, realy deep and that is exacly why I love it so much, and as a result there are many things that are not clear to me so I wanted to consult the pros:
    1. radiuses – few buildings have happines radiuses. if a home is just half way inside the circle – is that count as being inside? or the whole structure should be in that circle to gain the effect?
    2. happines – I have noticed that almost 100% of the time the happinnes of the ‘colony’ is 3 stars. no more and no less. even when I added a mead house, market, wells, sauna, idols/church. It’s always on 3. is that buged? or I can’t make that jump to 4 stars? in health I see the difference when I gain access to more food variety and the little hearts fill up. this is not the case with happines.
    3. farms – how big should the fields be? it seems realy different then in vanilla, most of the times my fields go into winter half full and I have tried 1 worker in 10X10, 2 workers in 15X10 or something but its all seem a bit random. any tips on farms managment?
    4. market – is that even usefull? what is the practical use for it? I just built one with much effort just to be thinking about demolishing it due to not being the least useful at least in my eyes. no happines gain, it took the venison away from near my campfires etc. I have the same question about the mead house which seems to be worth nothing…
    5. firewood – I always have a hard time trying to make charcoal using firewood, because it’s always taken by bannies and nothing left for charcoal/tar production. I put 2 woodcutters near a firewood pile which is near a charcoal thingies but its helped just a little, it is still a big issue to me.

    Sorry for that long post, but I had so many issues and I love this mod!
    Thank you very much.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Hello and welcome!

    Nice that you like it so far.

    1. From our experience, the game counts a building as inside a circle if the middle tile is inside or the use-point where people drop food and firewood which is near the door and mostly in the middle anyway. An edge of a house touched by a circle is definitely not counted.

    2. Three stars is their normal level of being ok with their life in this mod (in vanilla this level is at 4.5 stars). They need at least 3 or 4 of the requirements full-filled to raise in happiness. You can get them to 5 stars but it is not easy to achieve in early game with low population and uncomfortable houses. An overview of how it works in the North you can find here How To Happiness.

    3. How big fields should be per farmer mainly depends on crop and climate but also on distances and if you micromanage harvest. I guess people have different opinions about that and I could not say a general size.

    4. The main use of markets is food distribution. Vendors carry food of all categories to the market (with wheelbarrows which is much more efficient) and people living inside its circle gather food there instead of picking single items from the nearest barn. So it’s good for health and also for efficiency in a growing town with food production far away.

    5. You can collect firewood and gatherers from your shelters do it in winter for additional fuel. It’s also useful to set a low limit for charcoal/tar production to control your fuel situation and coal mining is another option if wood becomes an issue.


    May I add a few things; farming in the North is more difficult than vanilla. Unless you play on “mild”, you need to start the harvest manually or you will have the problems you describe. I generally also build smaller fields than in a vanilla game. The size depends on the climate. Especially at the beginning when not everyone is 5 stars happy, I prefer 2 farmers at each field. This way the chance to get it planted fast and harvested in time is bigger. On “mild” I would make 100-120 tiles on “fair” 80-100 and on “harsh” about 60-70 for 2 farmers with 3 stars or 1 farmer with 5 stars. Since vegetables are heavier and the farmers need to go more often to the stores, these fields should be smaller than grain. But most important; start the harvest manually when the temperature starts to drop in late August/early September.

    To happiness; it´s harder to get the initial population happy, especially by the harder starting options. Some Bannis never seem to forget that the conditions have been bad; that they were homeless, without a coat, had a bad diet, were sick without a doctor and maybe other things as well. They can live inside all good and no bad circle, there’s enough alcohol and a priest but they may still be unhappy. This is something we just have to accept. I use to use a “trick”: I use to locate as many houses as possible in villages, inside the circles of all happiness buildings but I also need a few houses outside by remote workplaces. I use to locate these people who are not able to make happy in these houses.

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