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    Strategic Sage

    I would really appreciate any details about firewood spawning – in forest and bogs. It seems pretty variable to me and I get into situations where, without chopping down a lot of trees, the amount of firewood available each year drops to a third or less, which leads me to gradually running out and usual spiral.

    I want to figure out how to manage nature better to stop this from happening if possible.

    Tom Sawyer

    I wonder what could cause a yearly up and down, but maybe necessary to test.

    There are initial branches when starting a map and then trees constantly spawn it. Young trees don’t until half matured. It spawns independend of temperature, so should not come in waves. And it wastes away after a year.

    Bogs spawn birches and also branches as you noticed, which is meant as deadwood not making it through the swampy conditions. Also constantly.

    Strategic Sage

    Ahh, the bogs spawning trees I didn’t realize. That’s very interesting. Thanks for the info, it’s very useful. It must be a rare thing.

    I’m trying again with a different approach, will see if I run into the same problem again. Possible I cut too many trees even though I made sure to leave most of them up, but maybe too many of them were younger? Still should have been enough to get more than deadwood than I was seeing. I’ll keep trying.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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