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    I’ve been trouble with the fishing pier in the attached screenshot. I think the issue might be related to the fact that that once the pier is built I cannot build a road directly up to it. I tried with boardwalk over shallow waters nearby and without them; both have the same issue.

    Once the fisherman catches some fish, he places the crate of fish behind him and them immediately becomes homeless. Eventually he dies of starvation on the spot.

    I moved the pier over one space and so far it’s working fine.

    I’m not convinced that I found the real reason for the behavior. If that is actually the problem, perhaps it could be fixed by requiring two road access squares to build the pier.

    Tom Sawyer

    That’s an unusual placing of the fishing pier in your screen. It actually requires the last tile on flat ground which makes sure to be connected with walkable land. You see only 3 or 4 pairs of posts then and you can build a road up to the pier. In your case the last tile is probably a water tile and breaks the path. Looking at it in code, there is a possibility with the last tile on a gold deposit which can be on water tiles but allows a placing. I made a note to fix this issue in a future update. Thank you for this find.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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