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Happiness system not working

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    Hi, I like playing the North very much.

    But unfortunately I cannot seem to raise happiness over 3 stars. I read the article about the happiness system and started with a new settlement and built all the important happiness buildings that are available in the early game.

    So I built a well and placed the homes around it, I placed a sauna in the same area as the well and the homes so that all the homes are in the yellow circle of the well and the sauna. I managed to get all settlers to full health and all are clothed and very well fed.

    I built a trading post and all the homes are within the yellow circle of the trading post. I also built a cemetery and placed all the negative building away from the town.

    I looked at the graphs at the “Thing hall” (don’t remember how it is exactly called in the game) and the happiness line has only little bumps in it, for example after I built a well. So I think the happiness wants to go up but something tells it to go down again to 3 stars. Do you have any idea what could cause this behaviour?

    I don’t have other mods enabled. My version of the north is 712 (1.0.7). I got it from steam just a few days ago so I assumed it is the latest one but I see that you have a newer version on this website. Would the update fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance for replying.


    you need a market and school within the radius as well as a church. the bannies also need to have all 4 food groups available to them. and they need alcohol. NILLA did some blogs on this. seems some bannies will stay un-happy , like if they have a close death before the cemetary is built.

    you can check the bannies individually to see how things are progressing.

    i always play with more mods, so never do get the happiness effects to work fully.

    Tom Sawyer

    Hi and welcome!

    that’s a tricky part with the happiness system, also in the modded version. With 3 of the basically 5 requirements, you still don’t get any visible effect beyond 3 stars. In your game you also need a tavern/alehouse/meadhall with drinks or food for entertainment or a chapel/temple for religion to start raising happiness.

    Those little bumps are due to newborns, who start with 5 stars until the next calculation where they realize that it’s not so nice in your town.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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