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    As you might see on the picture I added in the thread about trade, I built the pagan temple in that trade game. I guess it´s the most profitable building for spirituel happiness when you plan to build a larger settlement but that was not the main reason I built it. I like the small chapels very much and since I use to build settlements around an inn I could very well had built a small chapel next to each of these inns but I´m so tired of all these” bings” for nomads who arrive later in a game when you even have trouble to build enough houses for your own youngsters. 300+ inhabitans would have meant 5 nomad attractors. Not so nice.

    I know, I may complain about too few nomads in the early game and now I complain about too many late game. An annoying person who wants to “eat the cake as well as keep it” (translation of a Swedish proverb). Sorry for that.

    But couldn´t this be solved with two versions of the small chapel; one with nomads and one without? They can look the same so it wouldn´t be much work.

    By the way; the longhouse you can see on that picture too, works very well as boarding house for nomads. I actually accepted a few some decade ago, just after I´ve built the schools and no new “domestic adults” were there.

    Tom Sawyer

    I can upload the chapel as a single mod (was planned anyway) without nomad attraction. So you can load this one separate to use in late game. For now it’s probably the best solution.

    For later I have another thought because a lot has changed since we gave religious buildings this feature to attract nomads. The happiness system works now much better and chapels really make sense. Also, we now have an even earlier nomad attractor with the thingstead. Chapels actually don’t need this feature anymore.

    Tom Sawyer

    Here it is, fully compatible with all mods and works in your North game as additional option without more nomads.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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