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    Bryan Swartz

    First of all I really enjoy the mod and am excited about what’s to come with version 7.  I like the ‘low-tech’ survival startup with the smaller groups that is available – far better than what’s out there in other setups.  Being barely able to build a goahti, small storage, and a chopper because there’s very limited food and not a whole lot else is excellent.

    My main question for now as I’m slowly getting into the mod is on the Parka.  It’s got higher trade value and quality than the Leather Coat, which doesn’t make much sense to me given how little you have to do to get it.  Seems to me the Leather Coat should be better in some way given how much goes into it.  With education you can have a significantly cheaper product via the Tanning/Tailoring line, but having the starting, basic low-tech stopgap Parka be as good as anything for protection against the cold doesn’t seem right.

    I suggest having the Parka be at least reduced to the same quality/trade value as the Leather Coat at the most.  That way you have a clear reason to go through the leather process – resource efficiency.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Hi Bryan!

    Clothing is something I want to rework in version 7 when flax/linen is introduced but let’s talk about the reindeer parka in North 6. It is thought as a survival item for early game with limitations or disadvantages later and becoming obsolet in a developed town. It might be still too strong compared to other coats but I think it’s not as OP as it seems.

    Parkas are made from 2 deer hides on a campfire which needs constantly firewood and where work speed is slow, perfect to start with but inefficient over time. Also, deer is widely spreed at the beginning but decreasing in a cultivated land, while leather can still be made from cow hides. If you compare trade values, a parka brings 45 – 60 pennies while 2 leather coats bring 60 – 80 (+ 33%), made from same amount of hides. Without education, leather coats don’t have this advantage because people waste material during tanning and tailoring. So this turns out only later in game.

    On the whole I would say, reindeer parkas are great for the first hunters but leather coats are better for trading and to provide clothing for a bigger town as soon as people are educated or deer herds are disappearing. I think, with version 7 the parka should become more rare and pushed into survival starts, while other clothes become an option earlier. :)


    I will throw in my two cents :)

    If I read this right, the parka is a warm clothing that is kindof cheap, but requires deer hide, which become difficult to produce in great quantity. So that makes it seem like you said – it’s effective but in limited quantity such that as your town grows, it becomes scarce.

    If that is true, then I like it the way it is :) Or if you DO remove it, then something similar, cheap and easy to build and high quality, but not available in quantity later in game.

    It kindof goes along with real life. Furs are very effective and cheap when you live in the deep forest. But in modern world we don’t produce them in great quantity.

    Yeah, I think a game should have high profit (cost effectiveness and value) margin in the beginning on a limited item (like the gold), and then you have to switch production to mass production while will be less profit margin per item, but you make more of them.

    It seems to me that in the North, animals are not as scared away by development. Perhaps if the animals stayed away from city more, then there would be less hides and furs so that a large city couldn’t get many hides. This would make it readily available in early game and not so much in later game.

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