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Proposal to take clay as a by-product of Peat cutting

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    I played the game for the first time in a year. I am very happy that peat has been added to the NORTH MOD.
    I would like to suggest some things that I felt after playing the game.

    * Hope
    (1) Hope to mine very little clay by Peat cutting
    I hate clay mining that makes the land pitted.
    I would be very happy if clay could be obtained as a by-product of peat logging.

    (2) Manufacture of Stone tools by Stonemason
    The current masonry rarely works in the early stages. Therefore, we propose to introduce Stone tools to support the game in the early stages.
    About “Create: 3-4 from 3 Stone and 1 Log”, “Durability: 50”. I’m propose a balance that is easy to make but consumes more and more.

    *without thinking much
    (3) Manufacture of cider from apples and pears by Mead Hall
    Further effective use of apples.

    (4) Manufacture of Jam using honey
    Instead of sugar …

    I’m not good at English, so it’s Google Translate. I’m sorry if the sentence is strange.

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