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    I’ve finally played with enough content that I have a few thoughts about what I really like with comments for the next version. First of all, great mod, so much to love!

    I love the izba houses, and the log cabins, more than I like the upgraded red cottages, I’d like to see them provide enough well being to the residents that I can keep them around for the long term rather than feel like my villages will suffer for them, or an upgrade option that keeps their look mostly intact.

    On that note, I really like the goahti as well, but I’ve ended up using DS tents because I notice less detraction from using them. I actually really enjoy the way the small tent clusters look, with the campfires, and they are so great to build near more remote work sites. I’d like to see the goahti lose the detraction factor, why not make it fully possible for communities to live in these homes long term over generations, out with their herds hunting and gathering, that is a very longstanding northern tradition in the real northern parts of the world.

    I’ve noticed that no matter how well fed my bannies are, their hearts will drop to near zero fairly soon without a full time herbalist, despite being able to gather tons of herbs like other wild foods. Part time does not do the job, and this is incredibly hard to do with the norsemen aging enabled and no additional adults for many years of game time. I end up using the tiny workplaces from kid’s mods, or some of EB’s small village work buildings, for many many years just because they are so much more geared towards tiny early communities than the big vanilla buildings or even the North buildings. I really would not like to see the herbalist workplace require glass lol, that seems very counter intuitive anyway for what the herbalist does.

    I build the beautiful North work sites as I can, but they often don’t make sense until twenty years or more down the line. To make them count, in terms of coverage, I need to build them far from my early homes and pastures, and since the low hearts and happiness mean work time is already very low, by the time the bannies get out to these great buildings, they accomplish very little lol. It makes more sense for me to build kid’s tiny workplaces right there in the tent camp, so they can walk there quickly even with all the extensive idling time. Perhaps some very simple and inexpensive workplace versions for those harder starts, especially if using norseman aging?

    I don’t like the lack of bees until trading, especially as the vikings used honey and mead and only in Iceland is beekeeping still a fairly new and experimental thing. Maybe for an Iceland start it makes sense to have no bees, but otherwise why not have the other starts have bees and a way to gather wild honey? This again relates to how quickly and how low hearts get. Without honey as a ‘grain’, and without a fulltime herbalist, the bannies are basically going to be very miserable and extremely unproductive for years and years and years until there are enough adults to build a trading dock and get lucky with a trader, especially with the norsemen aging.

    In my easiest start, with builders and a good climate, I still only got bee traders twice in 50 years, that seems pretty extreme lol. I eventually built kid’s tiny wild beekeeper in my Lake start with sheep herders, and the improvement in hearts and work productivity was very significant, even without the fulltime herbalist. Some players might really enjoy these difficulties, but maybe just for those really demanding start conditions? Just an idea.

    I really count on being able to make stone tools and parkas in the early game, I would hate to see those go in the next version. I also wish there was an early way to use wool, weaving or nålebinding by the fire or in a small hut for those early herding starts with sheep.

    Thanks for all the great work, I can’t wait to try the next version as well.

    Tom Sawyer

    Hey! Sorry I did not get earlier to your topic and thank you for your input!

    With preferring the log cabins over red cottages you are not alone I think.^^ And it’s not a problem to stay in a certain time or style. It’s even more options to build a town. People in log cabins also don’t have to suffer of something. It’s only that they need an external sauna instead of this inbuilt health/quality aspect and a slightly higher risk on fire in next version. But only if you play with disasters on.

    To make game objects different not only in its appearence and to create some reason to go on in time and tech is a main idea of the mod. But it doesn’t mean you have to do it.

    With this happiness aspect of houses we now have 3 steps (-1, 0 and +1 happiness) That’s what is doable by modding and besides size and fuel the only real property of houses. So I don’t want to remove it.

    Herbalism should not require glass or any modern material, yes. An ancient building for it I have already started.

    Beekeeping I like to depend on a trade good (bees) and I’m pretty sure the old Norse people got this knowledge from somewhere else like almost everything. Even building log cabins they learned probably from slavish people south of the baltic sea btw.. But I will not build that into the mod, no worry. lol

    Wild bees are included already since gatherers find some honey in the forest.

    That hunter-gatherers in early game run into health issues just because they dont have grain is not nice and not realistic. It was rather so that grain (greatly increased food production but) caused lots of health problems to the people. I have ideas how to solve this but not really convincing yet and I dont want to remove one issue to cause anothers.

    Stone tools at the campfire is now included in North7 and probably will be kept there. Wool processing is also possible pretty early.

    I think it’s always nice to add additional mods that make things available earlier or with less effort like Kid’s tiny workplaces or Kralyerg’s mini buildings. Many options to change it a bit more to your liking besides starting conditions, climates and disasters off. Or in the other direction with Ironman on if too easy.

    Sounds a bit as I would not like to change something but most points are about a general decision how to place this mod in that range of playstyles and this mod has a focus on survival, realism and some historical background as far as possible. To hit the right balance of difficulty for different players is not easy. Thats why it’s great to read different opinions and to get some pressure from people who don’t like to have to survive all the time.. :)

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