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    We have discussed this before; the taverns are a bit tricky to run. If you produce alcohol, it´s carried out of the tavern and you need to micromanage and switch between producing alcohol and carrying it in from outside. That´s the reason, I prefere to roast meat to run the taverns. This is also not perfect. Some of the roasted meat disappear into the houses.

    I have thought that vendors want to expand their bussines with “fast food” and streal it away from the taverns but in this game, I see that vendors aren´t the main thieves. It´s the house inhabitants that empty the tavern themselves. The weirdest thing is that it´s (almost) only in some areas that this happens. In others the tavern is full of roasted meat that´s rarely touched. I can´t see any pattern; all taverns have a full lanthandel close. One house has its store full of various food, the neighbor´s only roasted meat(and sometimes also mutton, it looks like they also steal the mutton that´s supposed to be roasted in the tavern).

    It has been worse the last years. I went back to a few earlier saves; the amount of roasted meat in the houses was earlier 150-250. Now it´s something like 1200 and almost only in the areas shown on the first picture. In the area shown on the second picture, there´s a small amount of roasted meat together with various food in a couple of houses.

    Now, this is no main issue, there´s plenty of mutton and beef to roast but it´s annoying not to understand why it happens now and mainly in those areas. Has anyone else seen something like this? Can anyone see a pattern?

    Tom Sawyer

    Actually or from what we think to know, people are forced to gather food in a market if available instead of any food storing location like a barn or tavern. If they do it still also in the tavern, I think it might not work for any other market but the original “market.rsc” or decided via an existing happiness section and not marketlocation section, so the market would not keep people away from the also happiness providing tavern when looking for food. We can do some test here too.


    I don´t really know how the markets work. Yes, Bannis prefer markets but they don´t walk any distance to use one. How far do people walk to a market to get their food there instead of a closer barn? (or in this case a tavern). There´s a common misunderstanding that people living inside a market circle also use the market as first place for supply but I´m pretty sure that it´s not the case. It´s a happiness circle not more not less and has nothing (or at least nothing directly) to do with the preference to collect food to their houses. People who live close use it even if there´s a barn closer, people at the far end of the circle will primarily use the close barn instead. I made several of these experiments in the vanilla time. But it wasn´t easy to set a distance.

    Anyway, I built some more stores in that game closer to the houses that stored a lot of meat from the tavern and the amount of roasted meat in the houses went down. So I don´t think the Bannis see the tavern as equal to the market. Houses close to the lanthandel didn´t contain any/much? roasted meat, also those next to the tavern. But maybe they prefer it over a barn. I don´t know. Could the distance they are willing to walk to a lanthandel be shorter than the distance they are willing to walk to a vanilla market?

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