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    I’m really enjoying this mod but one thing I’ve noticed is that the workplace assignment seems a bit messed up. I have set up homes near the workplace but in most cases my bannies in the homes nearby will travel to work across the map to get to some other random workplace. For example I put a fisher’s hut on a small island with 2 homes right next to it. But those people are somehow assigned to the farms up north, while people even further north are assigned to the fisher hut. I don’t get it.
    It’s gotten so bad that in some seasons the fields get zero crops because the people just can’t get there in time.


    I have only seen this “behaviour” in very large games (>5000 or so) where I guess that the time to calculate the paths for each Banni to his workplace is too long. I never saw it in the North. A lot of builders can also mess the living space up, they seem to be set high priority but what you describe seems not like that.

    Have you tried to unassign everyone and reassign each profession again one by one? That´s the only thing I can think of.


    Hi Nilla,

    I only have 85 workers so far, so it’s far from a large game. I did unassign everyone except for the teachers but after a while it’s the same again.
    I also thought it could be something like you describe but with peat cutters (I had 6) and peat cutting happens in several parts of the map. But after unassigning everyone I only let 1 person do this job and it still happened. It’s really strange.
    I will check again if maybe I don’t have enough houses in certain spots which triggers the behavior but I don’t think so.
    It’s becoming a huge problem now because food is getting scarce as a result :(

    If you say it’s never happened in the North it must be something else I guess. I’ll keep looking, thank you.


    I think the best method to new arrange the homes for working places is to demolite the houses near and the others with the workers and after recognition of the play-program to do so than to return (cancel demolition) to the status before.
    The inhabitants should be selected new at this moment and a new (means existing) family should have entered the house – the workers of the near working places.
    Control such behavior in the path menu…

    Tom Sawyer

    Actually the game reassigns and optimizes homes/workplaces automatically, but maybe your certain map makes problems. Unfortunately we can’t debug or fix anything connected with pathfinding. It’s not accessible by modding.


    I have noticed that some maps are bugged, even if I haven´t noticed this special bug but several others that can only be realted to the map.

    I find your thoughts, Frankie about peat cutters causing problems is interesting and somehow logical. I have noticed some issues there, too. If you want to cut peat on several different locations, it doesn´t work like some peat cutters living close to location A stay there and work and other cutters living close to location B work there. It´s also not like all cutters first cut everything in locatiuon A, then move to location B. Rather: One cuttter can work one tile at location A, then walk a long distance to location B. It seems rather random where he goes next, so I have started to never cut peat at more than one location at the same time. But when you say that nothing has changed after you unassigend most peat cutters, I rather believe in a bugged map, unfortunately.

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